Ayurvedic Medicine and How It Can Help You

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Ayurvedic Medicine and How It Can Help You
By: Mercedes Aspland

If you are looking for an alternative or complimentary treatment for your illness then you may want to consider Ayurvedic medicine. In this article we will look at what Ayurvedic medicine is, what it involves and how it can help you with your treatment.

History of Ayurveda

Ayurveda was a medical system that was developed in India over 5,000 years ago and is thought to be a medicine that deals with the mind, body and spirit. Originally it was part of the Vedic religion and originally contained four books of spirituality. Ayurveda has remained in the Indian culture since then and is still the main source of medical treatment for people living in India.

What is Ayurvedic Medicine?

The principle behind Ayurveda is that every person has 3 energies or Doshas within them, these are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each person will experience each dosha to a greater or lesser degree. A person is usually typified by one particular dosha and each one has certain characteristics. The Dosha that applies to you will determine the treatment that you receive and what you should do to bring about good health. An Ayurveda practitioner will do a full assessment of you to determine which dosha is your main one before they work on any treatment with you.

In Ayurvedic medicine treatment involves looking at the whole person and will usually involve several components. People getting treatment will normally need to make lifestyle changes, as well as possible practise Yoga, take herbal remedies as well as other components. The aim of these treatments is to bring a personís dosha back into balance and so bring them back into good health. It is believed that illness are caused due to one dosha being too strong and so bringing the other doshas into play can help to balance out the doshas and that is the basis of treatment.

Who can Benefit from Ayurveda?

The answer to this is quite simple as absolutely everyone can benefit from Ayurvedic medicine. For some medical conditions including things like cancer it can be a great complimentary therapy that can be used alongside conventional medicine. The main reason for this is that this form of treatment will treat the spirit and mind as well and so can bring about a peace of mind that conventional treatments cannot.

In addition if you are suffering from something that conventional medicine is not always useful for like insomnia, stress and irritable bowel syndrome, to name a few, Ayurveda can help. The reason for this is that most of these conditions are associated with your state of mind and can be significantly helped by anything that can improve the state of mind.

Another reason why Ayurveda can be helpful is that in the most part it is a completely safe and non invasive treatment. For example it recommends certain lifestyle changes like rising with the sun, exercising in the morning and meditating after emptying your bladder or bowel. It can be seen that these are safe but could have a significant effect on the way you feel. In addition it has already been seen that there are a large number of benefits of yoga and meditation and these are usually included in most treatment plans.

If you are considering using alternative remedies to help you with your condition then Ayurveda may be something you want to seriously consider. Make sure you do full research before jumping in and ensure you get a reputable practitioner to make sure you get the maximum benefits.

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