Creating a Crystal Dream Board

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Creating a Crystal Dream Board
By: Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy

As a follow-up to my monthly mini Vision Boards, I decided to make a year-long Dream Board (full of my dreams, hopes, wishes, and goals for the upcoming year). It was a blast to create and I can already tell that it is going to help me exceed my goals for the year (and add a little manifesting power into the mix!). Here's how I made it happen:

1) I gathered my supplies - in this case, I used a stack of old magazines, a pair of good scissors, a large cork-board, and tons of push-pins. I ended up adding some crystals and essential oils into the mix at the end, but these are totally NOT necessary ( was my MOST FAVORITE part of the whole process and I'm sure it will add a big energetic boost to my board).

2) I flipped through magazines, cutting out words and pictures that captured the feeling of what I want this year to be - some of the things were very specific (like creating a crystal garden in my yard), and others were more generalized (like "Serenity"). I arranged and organized the cut-outs as I went, grouping things together (creating sections for things like home, work, personal growth, & more) until my board was pretty darn full of positive, life-changing scraps of paper. :) Then, I used push-pins to hold the paper scraps in place (in order to make it easy to change my Dream Board when my goals, hopes, and dreams change and grow).

I was feeling pretty satisfied with the way it turned out, but then I had an idea! I grabbed a bottle of lavender essential oil (that I always keep near by) and decided it would be interesting to infuse some of the scraps of paper with the energy of the essential oils. So, I took my chosen papers off of the board, sprayed them with a little bit of the essential oil spray, and then put them back in place. The papers are now sort of a "scratch-and-sniff" thing (which I LOVE), and they also hold the energy of the aromatherapy oils used. I tried to correspond the purpose of the oil to the meaning of the word or image. For example, I sprayed the "Serenity" paper with Lavender oil (for relaxation) and I sprayed the "Shamanic Journey" paper with Rosewood oil (for grounding and protection).

After I had replaced all of the little paper words, I decided to incorporate some crystals into the mix. So, I intuitively pulled out a small selection of crystals and set to work. The stones I chose were: Ametrine, Black Tourmalinated Quartz, Sugilite, Elestial Quartz, Fire Quartz, Orange Calcite, Pink Opal, Lepidolite, and Shattuckite. I thought about what each of stones means for me and placed it near the appropriate word(s) on my Dream Board. For example, I placed the Fire Quartz near the "Get it Done" paper (because it's so motivational) and I placed the Black Tourmalinated Quartz near the section for my crystal garden because of its amazingly earthy energy.

I was sure I had my final result (for now, anyway). I was completely happy with the way this project turned out and am already feeling motivated by all of the positive energy that has been put into it. I am sure that my Dream Board will change as the year progresses, but that's really the true beauty of our dreams - they change and grow with us (getting bigger and better all the time).

The final result was better than anything I could have hoped for - I now had the energy of crystals and of aromatherapy oils adding their energy to my hopes, wishes, dreams, and goals for the year.

Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy
Founder & Educational Director of the love & Light School of Energy Medicine
Phone: (630) 254-4685
Love & Light School of Energy Medicine
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