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Hauntings Explained
By: Paul The Seer

Over the years I have been called to many situations where people believed they or rather their houses were being haunted. I am going to try to explain a little here about the various causes and possible explanations and how I dealt with each situation. Firstly I have to say that not all of the so called hauntings I get called to turn out to be cases of paranormal activity, yet they are still perhaps a little mystical in there nature. What I am talking about here is the vast majority of cases that involve simple energy and I am talking about energy from people who are here now and not past over. For example I was once called out to a house where the landlady was experiencing huge problems in trying to rent the house out. In fact the house was split into flats and one of the flats was never let for very long with the tenants often saying that there was something very strange about the place.

When I entered this flat I did get a strong feeling of loss and sadness but I didn't sense any earth bound entities. There was a large mirror in the room and a bed with an old side cupboard, the walls were dull and the place felt drab and empty. Frankly I thought, "This lady doesn't need a psychic she needs an interior decorator" who would rent this place. Anyway I picked up almost immediately that a young man had stayed there for some time but was very depressed and was practically drinking himself to death, he would just sit and stare into the mirror. She confirmed that this was indeed the case and that the young man had moved out recently. I explained that his energy was left behind and this is what was being picked up. So I cleared the place using standard clearing techniques and told her to get rid of the mirror and decorate the place, in fact all the other flats were the same. It turned out that Karma had a part to play here as well, you see there was a family renting the whole house previously, but the landlady decided she could get more money by dividing the house into flats. So she finished this families agreement, now she was finding she couldn't rent out the flats. The moral of this is obvious; karma will adjust itself in all situations. So what about actual hauntings, do they happen. Sure they do and more often than you would imagine. Generally I find that they fall into two distinctive categories. Firstly there is the case of natural earth bound entities and secondly there are the cases of invited entities, what I mean by invited is that if you play around with say a ouija board or dark magic in any way then you are inviting trouble into your home. Thankfully the latter is becoming more rare these days but it still happens.

In the cases of natural earth bound entities it is quite simple to assist the spirit to pass over, normally if they are causing trouble in any way it is only because they feel their space is being invaded, you see they often don't realize that they have in fact passed over. With the help of those in Spirit they generally pass over quite quickly. In the case of the invited entities itís a whole different ball game and I normally know what I am going to be dealing with when people say things like "we have already had a Medium round and it got worse" or they say "Our local Priest did something but it didn't help". You see in these cases more specialist knowledge and action is required. The methods used to banish etc are taught in the Esoteric Orders and often Inner Masters are called upon to assist, you can forget salt and prayers in these situations. One thing people don't realize is that if you play with something like a Ouija board you are opening doors on the Astral Planes that can be difficult to close if you do not have the knowledge and experience of such matters. These things are not toys and as the old saying goes, play with fire and you get burnt

However like I said these cases are perhaps in decline these days and thankfully it is a joy to help some poor earthbound spirit cross over and be joined again with their loved ones, this makes rescue work worthwhile.

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Paul The Seer .. Top UK Medium, Clairvoyant and Psychic

Paul The Seer is a modern day Mystic & Teacher, after many years within a closed Esoteric Order under the tuition and guidance of a Living Master of the Ancient Wisdom he now works full time as a Seer and Teacher For more information please visit www.paultheseer.com

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