Healing with Quartz Crystals

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Healing with Quartz Crystals
By: Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy

There are many viewpoints about how Quartz crystals can be used for healing, and these viewpoints will vary according to who you ask and what that person’s experience has been while using them. I view Quartz as the Master Crystal – one that can be used for healing in almost limitless ways.

Quartz crystals can be used to balance, align, and heal any of the Chakras, major or minor. Quartz crystals reflect and refract light similar to a crystal prism – they can, energetically at least, separate Universal, healing white light into all seven of the colored rays of light (making them perfect healing tools for our seven main chakras, of which each corresponds to one of the seven vibrational frequencies of color). For example, the Root/Base Chakra corresponds to the vibrational frequency of the color red, the Sacral Chakra corresponds to orange, the Solar Plexus Chakra to yellow, the Heart Chakra to green, the Throat Chakra to blue, the Third Eye/Brow Chakra to indigo (dark blue), and the Crown Chakra corresponds to the vibrational frequency of the color violet (purple). Since Quartz crystals are able to store white light energy (which can be separated into the seven color rays), they have the innate capability to heal and balance all of the chakras, no matter which vibrational color frequency the particular chakra connects to.

Quartz crystals are also used for specific healing techniques varying from more intense “psychic surgery” to the very gentle opening of the chakra centers (thus initiating the correct spin/flow of energy). To use a Quartz crystal to open the chakras, (major or minor) point the tip (otherwise known as the termination) of a single-terminated crystal toward a chakra and rotate it in small, clockwise circles (or counterclockwise circles if that direction seems intuitively correct) about an inch or two from the physical body. This technique will allow the chakra to spin correctly.

Just by bringing Quartz crystals into the energy field, the body goes through the process of entrainment, which results in a more perfect, stable vibration in the energetic field. Think of all the stresses you go through in your day, or of all of the things that happen where you feel a little bit unbalanced; it is these things that interfere with your ability to feel like your whole, healthy, perfect self. By bringing a crystal, especially a Quartz crystal, into your energetic field (by carrying it with you, wearing it as jewelry, etc.), your body will start to mimic the perfect harmony and balance found within that crystal (because each crystal has a stable, balanced molecular blueprint, based on the arrangement of the atoms and molecules that form that stone). When that perfect energetic harmony is introduced into the energy field, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies will begin to mimic it; then we can start our healing.

We can do a lot of healing work on our own, but if we have the members of the mineral kingdom ready to help us on our journey, then the process can be so much more rewarding and fulfilling (and it really does help the healing process happen faster than working at it alone). Even though this healing method is quicker, it is also a bit more subtle, so we can avoid the chaos that can sometimes be created when things change too quickly in the energy field. These quick energy changes can sometimes be experienced as discomfort, but the subtle healing energy of the Quartz crystals helps avoid this.

Because of this subtle, gentle shifting of energy, Quartz crystals are also beneficial for releasing and removing unhealthy patterns in our lives. By bringing crystals into the energy field, it gives the body an idea of what the new, healthy vibration feels like as well as how the energy is supposed to be flowing through the energy field. After we have had some time to attune to the energy of the crystal, we will become used living in this new frequency, without the unhealthy patterns or beliefs.

Quartz crystals can be very beneficial for healing simply by having them in your environment. You don't necessarily have to have them on your body for them to be effective. If using crystals in this way, be sure to interact with them often – hold them, enjoy the energy that they add to your space, or meditate with them. Crystals act as a center of focus, to help us get to the place in which we can become whole, healthy beings once again.

Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy
Founder & Educational Director of the love & Light School of Energy Medicine
Phone: (630) 254-4685
E-mail: Ashley@LoveAndLightHealingSchool.com
Love & Light School of Energy Medicine
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