How Kinesiology Can Help With Stress

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How Kinesiology Can Help With Stress
By: Mercedes Aspland

Stress is one of the biggest problems in the western world and may be caused by a variety of different things. Conventional medicine can offer little help to deal with stress and so many people may turn to alternative therapies. On alternative therapy that could be of great help is kinesiology and so in this article we will look at what both stress and kinesiology and also how kinesiology can help treat stress.

What is Stress?

Stress is a general term that can cover pressure put on the emotional, mental or physical aspects of a person. However usually when we think of stress as an illness we consider the mental and emotional problems that people suffer from. People who suffer from stress usually have a large number of symptoms including insomnia, irritability, restlessness, headaches, digestive problems, reduced self-esteem as well as many others. It can have a significant impact on a personís life and prevent them from fulfilling their true potential. In addition if suffered for a long time without treatment it can lead to a number of other health problems that include alcoholism, obesity, suicide, drug addiction, cigarette addiction, and other harmful behaviours. As well as that it is thought that stress can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes, as well as a lowered immune system. For these reasons it is important to seek treatment as quickly as possible to help you deal with the problems.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a therapy system that identifies the problems in a personís life by assessing their ability to hold their muscles against light pressure. It is believed that each muscle is linked in a part of the body and to an energy meridian that runs along the body. A therapist will normally test the muscles in the body to see just where imbalances are occurring. The therapist will then test the muscles to get feedback and determine what the cause of the problem is. This means that every personís treatment is unique as one personís physical response to a problem will be different to another. The therapist will then devise a treatment plan that will suit the patient and their exact needs. The treatments used will vary from patient to patient and may include things like flower essences, massage, acupuncture, nutritional advice to name just a few. This makes it a truly holistic therapy as it considers the person as a whole and each person is treated differently.

Kinesiology and Stress

If you suffer from stress then a visit to a kinesiology therapist could really help you. The therapist will carefully test your body and identify just which part of your body is responding to and causing the stress. Each person will hold their stress in a different part of the body so this individual treatment can be a great advantage. Once the therapist has identified where you are holding the stress in your body they will be able to devise a treatment plan that will help you to overcome your stress and improve your overall health. In addition to that the actual therapy sessions may help to relax you in themselves and this can help to reduce the stress that you are feeling.


Kinesiology is definitely an option for people who are suffering from stress. However it is important to say that there are a lot of potential treatments for people to try. For that reason it is important to do a detailed research of what is available to you and make sure a particular therapy will be right for you. If you have decided to use kinesiology then it is important to find a reputable therapist who has good references to ensure you get the best possible treatment.

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