How Yoga can Benefit Pregnant Women

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How Yoga can Benefit Pregnant Women
By: Mercedes Aspland

Yoga is an alternative therapy that has a large number of different benefits and in this article we are going to not only look at what yoga is but also consider the benefits that can be felt by pregnant women. It is particularly useful at this time as medications pregnant women can take are limited and so alternatives should be looked for.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of therapy that was developed in India and the name comes from the Sanskrit word for unite. This is particularly important as the aim of yoga is to unite the body and mind for the person practising it. Many people think of it as a fitness programme but it is a lot more than that and can help people bring about more emotional control in their life and feel more balances. The process of yoga includes a number of poses, meditation and breathing exercises in order to help strengthen the body and bring about peace of mind. While practising yoga the aim is to remove the worries of the day and your life from your mind and concentrate only on what you are doing at that time. This can help bring about a calmness of your mind and help connect your body and mind.

Yoga and Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are a number of poses that you should not carry out however there are still a large number that are safe to practise. In addition you can incorporate more breathing techniques and meditation into your routine to get the maximum advantage. Practising yoga during pregnancy can have a large number of benefits and we have put some of them below.

1. Stretching - practising yoga will allow a pregnant woman to stretch her muscles and joints which can have a number of advantages. For example the muscles may enlarge which can create more space between the abdomen and pelvis. This can give more room for the baby which can aid growth and reduce pain for the mother.

2. Stress Reduction - One of the things that pregnant women can suffer from is stress. By incorporating more meditation into your yoga routines you can help to reduce the stress that you feel which will make the whole process of pregnancy easier for both mother and baby. It is thought that it can help with both emotional and physical stresses felt by the mother.

3. Ease Delivery - by practising a number of breathing techniques a pregnant woman can make the delivery process easier. It can also help to loosen the abdominal muscles and open up the hips which can help reduce the pain felt during labour.

4. Ease Sleeping - during yoga a pregnant woman will learn better posture and positions for sleeping. This will help to relieve back pain and also aid in easing the mind and body which can help with getting more restful sleep.


If you are interested in practising yoga during pregnancy then it is a good idea to discuss it with a professional to ensure you practise the poses that are best. It is a good idea to go for some sessions with a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher to learn the routines that are safe and will be of most help to you. If it is difficult for you to get to classes or the costs are prohibitive then you could consider purchasing a DVD. Many can be found on the internet and will be of great help to you during your pregnancy. However if you have any pain or problems while practising the poses you should stop and seek advice immediately.

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