Lifetimes of the Ascended Master El Morya

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Lifetimes of the Ascended Master El Morya
By: Rose Greenwood

The ascended masters once walked the earth the same as we do. They had lifetimes in which they perfected various soul and character qualities. A study of specific lifetimes of the masters helps us to understand what is required for true self-mastery.

El Morya is an ascended master recognized for his devotion to the will of God. He is the lord or chohan of the first ray. Some of the more well-known lifetimes of the ascended master El Morya are Akbar the Great, the legendary King Arthur, Thomas More the statesman and Thomas Moore the poet

Akbar the Great is considered to be the greatest of the Mogul emperors in India. Akbar began his rule at the age of fourteen in the sixteenth century following his fatherís death. For the next two decades, Akbar doubled the size of the Indian empire, bring the northern and central parts of India under his control. His most lasting contributions, however, were in the arts and religion.

Akbar commissioned the building of notable architectural structures, collected art from around the world and began a large collection of literature from a vast array of cultures. He was himself an artisan skilled in fine art, carpentry, blacksmithing and lace making. Akbar is said to have had refined tastes in a wide variety of music.

Akbarís religious tolerance was well known and unusual for his day. He was said to have been both a sound judge of character and decisive in his actions. He invited practitioners of many religions including Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, atheists and Jesuits to hold a series of religious debates in his court. He also founded his own religion, known as Divine Faith. This religion, however, did not survive for long after his death.

The historical personage of King Arthur is shrouded in mystery. Most sources pinpoint his birth at about 465AD. He was the son of Uther Pendragon and Igraine of Cornwall, but was raised apart from his family for his own protection among the warring factions then present in Europe. At the time, there was no unified King of England. Legends claim that Merlin, a respected prophet and political advisor, determined that the person who could pull a sword from where it was magically embedded in a stone would be crowned king. Arthur was the one who was able to accomplish this feat.

During his reign, King Arthur is reputed to have been a fierce warrior who led Britainís defense against the Saxons. His exploits were expanded in stories and myths to include the ability to fight supernatural beasts and denizens of the underworld. King Arthurís exploits have been described and embellished for centuries by poets, authors and playwrights.

The tale of Lancelot, King Arthurís most illustrious knight, and his love for Queen Guinevere took on a life of its own. The deceitful activities of Mordred and his betrayal of King Arthur also became a significant part of the Arthurian legend. The exploits of each of the knights lent color and excitement to the growing saga.

Thomas More was born in England in 1478. He was a successful student who became a lawyer and served his country in many capacities, eventually becoming Lord Chancellor. More wrote a number of books, including his most famous work, Utopia. Utopia was a vision of a perfect society vastly different from the world that More saw around him.

Although More was quite close to King Henry, More was opposed to having the king claim an authority higher than that of the pope. More was accused of high treason for his refusal to sign a letter asking the pope to annul the kingís marriage to Catherine in order for him to marry Anne Boleyn. He also did not attend the queenís coronation and refused to accept the validity of the Act of Succession.

Moreís trial is generally considered to have been a farce, with his guilt having been decided before the trail even began. Moreís defense of his own position revealed both the mind and heart of a man of deep principles. He was convicted of treason and beheaded. More was affirmed a saint of the Catholic church in 1935. Pope John Paul II later officially declared Thomas More to be the patron saint of politicians.

Thomas Moore the Irish poet was born into a family of relatively modest means in 1779 in Dublin. Thomas studied at Trinity College and later went on for studies in law in London. Thomas Mooreís family imbued in him a love for language and learning. Thomas was also clearly dedicated to absorbing and promoting his own Irish heritage.

While he was still a young man, Thomasí talent for writing, poetry and singing was notable. Thomas Moore was also successful in his political career. He was appointed to a post in Bermuda and then traveled to both Canada and the United States. After returning to England, he married Elizabeth Dyke, an actress.

Eventually Thomas Moore settled down in Bromham, Wiltshire, England. For the remainder of his life, he was occupied as a novelist, biographer and poet. When Moore died in 1852, he was already beloved as Irelandís most famous poet and songwriter. Mooreís songs, including The Harp That Once Through Taraís Halls, Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, and The Meeting of the Waters have become Irish classics and can be heard the world around.

These incarnations of the ascended master El Morya demonstrate his ongoing devoted to truth in all of its forms: religion, law, government and the arts. As a result El Morya is the lord or master of the first ray of Godís will, associated with the power of speech, the throat chakra and the color blue. The lifetimes of El Morya serve as an inspiration for many on their own contemporary spiritual path.

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