Lifetimes of the Ascended Master Hilarion

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Lifetimes of the Ascended Master Hilarion
By: Rose Greenwood

The ascended masters are souls who have learned all of their lessons on earth and no longer need to take incarnation among men. The ascended master Hilarion was embodied as the apostle Paul and his final incarnation was as Saint Hilarion. A study of these lifetimes can give us clues to the qualities that he developed in order to make his ascension.

Saul of Taursus is a pivotal figure in the early formation of the Christian church. His conversion and resulting new life as Paul, author of many key writings and letters in the New Testament, are some of most well-known events in Christianity. His views and opinions have shaped Christianity for over two thousand years.

Saul of Tarsus was a determined persecutor of Christians, originally seeing them as a rebellious faction and a danger to the government and society. He consented to the stoning of St. Stephen, the first martyr of the Christian church. Although they were alive during overlapping time periods, Saul never met Jesus in person.

After the death and resurrection of Jesus, Saul was traveling on the road to Damascus when a vision of Jesus appeared to him, saying, “It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” Saul was temporarily blinded after this vision. Saul took the name Paul, and resolved to spread the word of truth throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Three years after his conversion, Paul spent three years in seclusion in the Arabian Desert. Some believe he was in communication with Jesus through visions and meditation during this time.

Paul worked tirelessly to spread Christianity for the rest of his life. Many people believe that Paul achieved sainthood in that lifetime. Others believe that he needed additional lifetimes to perfect himself and atone for his responsibility for the torture of Christians. Those who believe that Paul needed additional lifetimes believe that his next lifetime was as St. Hilarion.

Saint Hilarion was born in Palestine at the end of the third century. Although he was the son of pagan parents, he went to Alexandria to be educated and became a Christian. Hilarion had heard of Saint Anthony, who was still alive at the time. Rather than pursuing the expected life of the son of a wealthy family, Hilarion left the city and school at fifteen to go and find Saint Anthony, with whom he stayed for a couple of months.

Most of Hilarion’s life was spent in the desert as a hermit. Hilarion continually subsisted on very little food, mainly figs and a few lentils and bread. In fact, he developed a number of health problems from his constant state of malnutrition. When his parents died, he returned home briefly to divide his inheritance among his siblings and the poor, and then went back to his nomadic life in the desert.

Hilarion suffered from frequent temptations and visitations from demons as well as robbers. He devoted most of his waking life to spiritual exercises, but he also made baskets from reeds and eventually built himself as small hut in which to live. His appearance was completely unkempt, as he did not wash his clothes at all and shaved his head only once per year.

Hilarion’s first healing miracle was curing a barren woman. Other miracles were also credited to him: expelling demons, healing paralysis and blindness, raising children from the dead. Hilarion began to be surrounded by disciples. He moved a number of times to avoid the unceasing visitors, disciples and even arrest by government authorities. Finally he traveled to Cyprus and spent his last years living in an isolated cave.

Many of the facts about Hilarion come from the writings of St. Jerome. It is clear that Hilarion was an historical rather than legendary figure. Hilarion died at the age of eighty, leaving a few scraps of clothing for his disciple Hesychius.

In the Catholic church, Saint Hilarion’s feast day is October 21st. Like the patron saints of the Catholic church, the ascended masters can aid those who are remaining on earth if they are called upon for assistance. Famous for his healing ability while on earth, as an ascended master Hilarion is the lord or chohan of the fifth ray, the ray of healing.

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