Lifetimes of the Ascended Master Serapis Bey

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Lifetimes of the Ascended Master Serapis Bey
By: Rose Greenwood

Serapis Bey is an ascended master recognized for his devoted to discipline, excellence and purity. He is the lord or chohan of the fourth ray, the color white and the base chakra. A study of the lifetimes of the masters such as Serapis Beyís lives as Amenhotep III and King Leonidas help us to understand what is required for true self-mastery.

Amenhotep III is believed to have begun his rule at about the age of nine. It is likely that a relative acted as a regent for him until he came of age. As an Egyptian Pharaoh, Amenhotep III and his wife Tiye are known as the founders of monotheism in Eygpt, a practice continued and expanded by one of Amenhotepís sons, Akhenaten.

One of Amenhotep III's first decisions as king was to open two new limestone quarries. His extensive building projects included the construction of the temple at Luxor on the Nile and a large number of other projects in Nubia. He also oversaw comprehensive building projects at the temple of Karnak.

When Amenhotep III died, Egypt was a strong and powerful country with a great deal of influence in the international world. His son Akhenaten extended Amenhotepís reformation of the many-faceted Egyptian religion, emphasizing the worship of one God represented by the sun. Akhenaton reigned from 1417 to 1379 BC.

Amehotep IIIís legacy continues in his current service as the ascended master Serapis Bey, guiding earthís evolutions. The ascended masters are souls who have passed their spiritual initiations on earth and are no longer required to return to embodiment. They once walked the earth and had lifetimes in which they perfected various soul and character qualities. Today, Serapis Bey helps to guide earthís evolutions and is the sponsor of architects, builders and those who receive the Holy Spiritís gift of the working of miracles.

King Leonidas is believed to have been born around 540 BC. Although little is known of his early life, the battle of Thermopylae that he waged against the Persians is one of the most famous battles of all time.

In August, 480 BC, Leonidas received a request from the Greeks to defend them against an invasion by the Persians. Leonidas set out to meet the army of Xerxes, the Persian commander, with three hundred of his personal body guards. Due to the danger of the mission, only men with sons to carry on their names were included in this small force.

An army of four to seven thousand Greeks joined Leonidas and operated for awhile under his command. This army was set against a massive army of Persians estimated to be between 80,000 and 290,000 strong. On the third day, the Spartans and Greeks were trapped from behind when a traitor led the Persians to a mountains track at the rear of the forces under Leonidasí command. At that point, Leonidas sent away the Greeks and remained in the pass with his 300 body guards and 1600 other Spartans (Helots and Thesbians) who had joined them.

The Spartans fought until every man, including Leonidas, had been killed. In return, they destroyed approximately 20,000 of the Persian troops. Their sacrifice gave the Greek naval fleet the time they needed to retreat and later defeat the Persians in a battle at sea.

At one point in the battle, the Persians asked the Spartans to put down their weapons. The response of the Spartans: ďCome and get them!Ē has been immortalized on a monument and statue erected at the site of the battle in honor of Leonidas and his men.

King Leonidas himself is believed by many spiritual devotees to have attained immortality through a series of incarnations both before and after his lifetime as King Leonidas. He is now known to spiritual seekers as Serapis Bey, an example of dedication to both discipline and purity.

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