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Palmistry vs Astrology
By: Pandit Punarvasu

Palmistry is another branch of prediction. But it cannot predict the details of life and relations etc. somehow it is limited whereas there is no limit in astrology. Expand the vision and you will get the answer of any question.

Astrology & Religion

Vedic Astrology Is Full of Myths from Hindu Religion Giving Planets A Human/god Like Characteristics. How Relevant Or True Are The Comparisons?

Vedic astrology is closely related to religion. Comparison to human/God like characteristics makes one clear in understanding the events clearly. Vedic astrology believes in improvement and for that it supports prayers, gems, yantra etc which are related to the ruling deities the planet represents. So these comparisons are helpful in Vedic astrology.

Importance of day, time and place of birth

Why Do We Require the Date, Place And Time Of Birth For Vedic Astrology.

Astrology is based on the position of planets in the zodiac at the time of event. Since the birth of a person is an important event beginning of new life cycle and thus taken as prime event of life. Thus the exact date, time and place of birth will help to know the exact position of stars at that time due to which the forth coming events can be predicted. Since the position of stars changes with time and place so it is necessary to know the exact time, date and place of birth.

Astrology & Commodity Markets

Can We Predict Movement Of Stock Markets And Commodities Market Through Astrology And How?

Yes, it is known by the chart of the country or state and also according to the chart of the person. The fifth house governs stock markets and the eighth house with sudden events, eleventh house as gains. Since stock markets goes ups and down frequently and it is then known by the fast moving planet moon in the chart with respect to the planets related to the concerned houses. The transit of Mercury is also taken as it governs cash or money.

Prasna Astrology

What Is Prashna Astrology?

Prashna Astrology is a branch of Vedic astrology where a prediction is made on the base of asking the query from querist. Here the method of prediction is changed. The little things are also not ignored like omens etc. This is very much accurate and is independent of birth chart. But the birth chart when taken together gives much better and confirmed results.

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