Protecting Yourself & Healing Your Heart with Tourmaline Crystals

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Protecting Yourself & Healing Your Heart with Tourmaline Crystals
By: Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy

Black Tourmaline is great used for protection (from unwanted or negative energy - usually negativity from others). It's also great for protecting you from electromagnetic frequencies that are given off by computers, cell phones, Microwaves, etc.

It helps to dissolve and disintegrate negativity within the self too. So, if you're feeling extra stressed or crabby, try wearing a little bit of Black Tourmaline or carrying some with you. It just dissolves away the negativity so that you can feel like your happy, healthy self again. It can also help to pull negative energy from the body (like a magnet).

Negative energy or negative thought forms have a trickle-down effect in the aura (or, more accurately, a trickle-inward effect). The negative energy goes through each layer the aura, and they start to affect us more, and more, and more. And if we don't do anything about it preventatively (energetically), then that negativity can manifest in the physical body.

To clean up my aura, I like to play some pieces of Black Tourmaline under the soles of my feet. Then, I just visualize all of the negativity going right into the crystals. Then I see the unwanted energy moving through and out of the crystals, and then I visualize and intend that the energy is transmuted into something positive.

You shouldn’t just send all your "ookie" energy out into the universe expecting the earth or the universe to clean it up. Like I always say, “energetic littering is just as bad a physical littering.” Take responsibility for the act of creating some positive vibes - it feels great!

When I do this exercise, I like to visualize a big, cleansing waterfall (connected to universal source energy) that cleanses any negative energy and transmutes it into positive, healing energy for the highest good of all.

Black Tourmaline comes in a few different formations. Some of the crystals have striations on their surfaces, others are double-terminated, some are just rough chunks, and some form very high-quality, delicate crystals.

The striated crystals (usually originating from Brazil) are great for speeding things up (like manifesting, karmic cycles, and more) and for enhancing the energetic vibration of the stone itself. The striated formations of the Tourmaline work really well for protective grids because they have a somewhat amplified field of energy, as compared to the other formations of Tourmaline.

Since Black Tourmaline is mainly a protective stone, it can be used to create strong perimeters of protective energy. You can create a crystal grid out of Black Tourmaline for a small space (or even for your entire home or property). The simplest way to do this is to place one piece of Black Tourmaline in each corner of the area that you would like protected.

The natural, double-terminated Black Tourmaline crystals (usually originating from China) are wonderful used in an environment where you cannot use more than one crystal (i.e. if you have limited space, have small children and can’t have crystals in the corners of the space, have a limited budget and don’t want to purchase more than one crystal, etc). You can actually place one double-terminated Black Tourmaline crystal in your living room or your kitchen (or any place in which your family spends a lot of time).

Having a Black Tourmaline in your environment, in your energy field, or in your space is very important because it will help transmute any negative energy into something positive. It's also very shielding. So, wearing a piece of Black Tourmaline in jewelry can be helpful.

Green Tourmaline helps to protect your aura by acting like an auric shield. It keeps most negativity from even entering your field in the first place. However, if there are some negative vibes hanging around, Green Tourmaline helps to cleanse and clear your energy field quickly and effectively. Peridot works and a very similar way. Green stones (like Tourmaline and Peridot) seem to display this trait more frequently than other colors of healing crystals. This is partly because the green color ray is so focused on healing. Green stones help to keep your energy field free from negative vibes that could later manifest in your physical body as dis-ease. By getting rid of this dis-harmonious energy right away, it doesn’t have a chance to impact your energy field. The green crystals are doing their healing work on an energetic level (preventatively) before anything negative manifests in the physical body.

Green Tourmaline is also an excellent stone for healers to carry or wear while they are doing energy work sessions. It can help you to stay open and available to your clients while keeping firm boundaries in place. A small pendant, ring, or bracelet is great for this purpose because it is very casual. Some client’s can feel sensitive surrounding the idea of “negative energy”. You never want your client to feel like she has such bad vibes that you had to arrive to your session in the equivalent of a crystal-energy Hazmat suit.

Protecting your energy body is important, but you should always be compassionate about how your client might be feeling. Wearing some crystal jewelry or have a stone or two in your pockets is discreet and keeps your aura sparkling clear.

Additionally, Green Tourmaline is a really great heart stone. It can help you to have more compassion and empathy for others, while keeping you protected, energetically. When you are energetically protected, it is easier to be open emotionally and to keep your heart open, because there is no fear of being hurt. It can be of great use for anyone who has been hurt emotionally and has a difficult time opening up to people as a result. It is very effective when used in a professional setting with clients because it works very gently, encouraging gradual healing. It is asupreme nurturer and care-giver of the crystal realm!

Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy
Founder & Educational Director of the love & Light School of Energy Medicine
Phone: (630) 254-4685
Love & Light School of Energy Medicine
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