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Self-Evidence of Divine Presence
By: Kajom

I have a strong interest in spirituality which is evidenced by the content of my website (see below). I seek to involve myself with all types of information that enlightens me about the things that we don't see but does exist. As a young man, I started my career as an electrician because I was fascinated by the fact that electricity cannot be seen. Although electricity cannot be seen, when you flip a light switch, you see the effect of electricity. Thus, it is self-evident that electricity does exist regardless of what it is called!

Nothing thrills me more than a discussion of the Divine Presence within every one of us which is something that we do not see, but is self-evident to every one of us.

What is self-evident is that we all have thoughts and can never turn off thinking! In other words, the Divine Presence does not allow us to turn our thoughts off because we are an expression of the Divine Presence and must express the Divine Presence through our thinking! Those of every religion and even the so-called atheist and agnostic knows this because it is self-evident to every one of us that we cannot turn off that which causes our thoughts! While you are awake, just try it to see if you can!

Some will say, "I turn off my thinking when I go to sleep." I can't say that one is not thinking when asleep because sometimes one can sleep and know that they are still thinking. I only wish to point out that when we are awake, it is self-evident that we are thinking at the conscious level. And, it is self-evident that when one is awake or asleep, all body functions are operating. The heart beats, we breath, food digests, etc. This is the intelligence of the Divine Presence operating at the subconscious level.

The Divine Presence allows each of us to choose to believe what we want to believe, yet, the self-evidence of the Divine Presence is always with us. The Divine Presence:

exists whether we believe in It or not.

operates according Its nature of Love, Peace, Harmony, and All Good.

does not care what religion, philosophy, or science we believe in.

does not care what we choose to call It.

is the cause of thinking and allows us to create with our thoughts.

allows us to choose what to think and what thoughts to give attention to.

is the essence of every being although unexplainable and unknowable.

is All There Is, has all that It ever needs, for everything is within It.

is the source of all forms, is everywhere, and nothing can be outside of It.

We know that we think and that thoughts exist; yet we never really see thoughts, we see expressions of thoughts. The energy that cause us to think such that we can't refuse its impulse is the Divine Presence that is All-Knowing, All-Power, and All-Presence. It is the Spirit from which all things emanate and is called by many names. It is the cause of all life and intelligence everywhere. We don't see life but we see expressions of life which is the expression of the Divine Presence.

As such, we are spiritual beings with a soul (entire Mind) that expresses through our body and world of affairs. Our physical body is the vehicle through which spirit/soul express. When we recognize that intelligence responds to intelligence, we can direct attention to the spiritual aspect (Divine Presence) of our being and It responds accordingly, for It knows each one of us to be an expression of It.

When we give our attention to the Divine Presence, and study any religion, philosophy, or science, we gain a perspective of the truth that is meant for us. It is the All-Knowing of the Divine Presence within us that enables us to know truth beyond the surface of any knowledge in any religion, philosophy, or science. We can go into the knowing of truth beyond the belief of any religion, philosophy, or science and we can know as much truth as we are ready for.

You can delight in the study of any religion, any philosophy, and any science. You will be able to listen, read, and study anything you desire without fear of being confused. You can be guided in conducting yourself so that you offend no one and not be offended. You will become wiser by embracing the good of all the knowledge that you are exposed to. You will discuss only when appropriate and respect the beliefs of others regardless of what you know and know that you know.

It does not matter if others believe in what you know or not, for you know what you know for yourself from the Divine Presence, just as others can know from the same source. Finally, you will know the difference in what you were taught to believe and what you know from the Divine Presence, for the Divine Presence is now and always teaching to those who are accepting Its guidance. You can look to the Divine Presence in everyone, everything, and all that you do, and experience all the good that the Divine Presence is which includes peace, power, beauty, joy, health, wealth, love, and success.

It is the Divine Presence that can help us to live a better life for greater Health, Wealth, Love, and Success. We can only know this when we give attention to the Divine Presence and test It to experience It for ourselves. Give loving attention to your Divine Presence; send it praise, ask and give thanks for all the good you desire.

You are not asked to believe anything said in this article. There is so much that has been said about the Divine Presence, and even more that can be said. And, should you choose to contemplate what is said, you may come up with greater insight of truth that is personal to you alone. My main point is that we cannot truthfully deny the self-evidence of the Divine Presence unless we can stop our thinking! We can never think nothing!

Remember that the Divine Presence (Spirit) is that part of you that causes you to think such that you cannot turn off thoughts. This is your self-evidence of its existence. You can use meditation to quiet the mind, relax the body, and practice speaking lovingly to the Divine Presence as if you were speaking to an intelligent being. It will respond to you and you will know it.

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