Sunstone's Metaphysical Crystal Properties

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Sunstone's Metaphysical Crystal Properties
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Stones and crystals can be of really great help to us not merely as decoration and adornment, but also as tools to improve our life, energy, and relationships. Since ancient times it has been known that crystals, precious and semi precious stones are able of emitting steady and beneficial vibrations in the surrounding space, and thus, they can act as resonators and amplifiers of various metaphysical energies.

Among the many powerful stones and minerals, sunstone has a lot of beneficial metaphysical and healing properties. In the following we are going to name just a few, but many of the sunstone's properties can be deducted from its association with the Sun. We know that the Sun brings active, dynamic forces, as opposed to reactive energies that only respond to outer circumstances. In astrology, the Sun is the ruler of the heart. It brings vitality and resistance to all kinds of diseases. Sunstone naturally reflects some of the Sun's properties.

The main feature of the magnificent sunstone gems is their ability to encourage leadership skills. In this sense, this stone is able to increase strong will, ability to make quick but right decisions, and power to see the higher purpose and ultimate aim. And what is more importantly, all this not only for one's own benefit, but for the good of the whole community or group of people one is in charge of. In addition, it is an excellent crystal that brings optimism and good will. We already mentioned that sunstone has a strong correlation with the Sun and as such it has been recognized and used together with Moonstone in Solstice magical and religious rites, that is, twice each year, precisely at those instances when the tilt of the axis of Earth is most bent toward or away from the Sun.

The chemical composition of Sunstone is no different than that of Feldspar. Therefore, sometimes this stone is referred to as Aventurine Feldspar. Its hardness is not too high, around 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, but hard enough not to break easily. It crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system. Its most frequent colors are orange, yellow, brown or reddish.

When we talk about the metaphysical properties of this crystal, it is important to emphasize that sunstone is linked to love and abundance. This stone is capable of advancing life force. It can help establish power to confront risk or pain without demonstrating fright. It can also give potency and constancy to the one who wears it. If you don't have adequate personal integrity to reject requests or desires that are not sound or go against your best interest, then you might consider wearing this stone, as it will give you the essential boost to stop being misused by others.

Sunstone is the right crystal to help you fight all types of phobias. It is a good stone for meditation. It bring abundance in your life, transforms negative into positive energy, and helps in fighting psychic attacks.

This stone is associated with the Zodiac Signs of Leo, Libra, Aries and Gemini. It is a stone especially beneficial to be worn on Sunday, from obvious reasons (Sunday is the day of the Sun).

Sunstone jewelry can also be very attractive. This stone is frequently used in gemstone jewelry. There are usually two types of sunstone jewelry: light and dark. They both can look magnificent. The best specimens are transparent and sometimes you can see flashes in typical necklaces or bracelets. By combining the visual appeal with the metaphysical properties of this excellent semi precious stone you can really get an extraordinary gem that can help you increase the abundance in your life as well as your leadership skills.

More about the properties of these magnificent sunstone gemstones you can find on my metaphysical stones website.
Olja Rezo is a mystic, spiritual teacher, and painter from Belgrade. On her website you can find more writings on various subjects, such as, new age meditation, 7 rays, 7 chakras, spiritual crystals, self discovery and enlightenment.

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