The 6 Barriers to Personal Growth

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The 6 Barriers to Personal Growth
By: Ernest Smith

All of the barriers that are in place relating to personal growth are known to be caused by six different reasons that people donít take action on all of the things that they desire to experience within their life. The six barriers to personal growth are:

1. The lack of personal growth. The majority of people simply arenít going to take any action in order to improve their personal growth in order to greatly improve their lives by experiencing something that is new within their life.

2. The lack of knowledge concerning personal development. The majority of people donít understand what the true meaning of personal development is really all about, so they are completed uneducated when it comes to how they can improve their own life along with all of the other people within their environment.

3. The lack of setting goals. You never hear anyone talked about the goals that they have set for themselves and that is because they havenít taken the time to do so yet.

4. The sense of fear. The majority of people feel a sense of fear at the time that they are doing things that are going to make them feel uncomfortable and yet they still donít go through with it, so therefore they will never know what the experience may be like.

5. Receiving negative feedback from other people. You wouldnít believe the amount of people that walk around carrying along baggage with them relating to what has happened to them as a child. These people keep the exact same ideas, feelings and thinking so long within their lives that it just becomes a way of being for that individual.

6. Growth barriers that were acquired during the time that they were growing up as an adult within their life.

What is the main reason that several people located around the entire world have a whole lot of barriers to their personal growth today within their lives? I normally asked myself the exact same question concerning myself, and several of the other individuals that I have been privileged to learn from over the years within this life.

Now that you are aware of the reason that causes all of the barriers to personal growth, you know how to overcome them and work on those areas individually to get to where you need to be in your self-help progress. Believe me, you canít sit around and wait for your entire life to change right before your eyes and you be a completely different person, you have to keep on going and you canít let anything stand in your way.

If you want to overcome these barriers, you are going to have to look at each and every one of them.

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