Understanding The Truth Of Healing Crystals

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Understanding The Truth Of Healing Crystals
By: Faith Lamb

For something so apparently straightforward healing crystals evoke confusion very easily. In this article we look at how crystal healing really works, and how you can get started.

Healing crystals and Shiva Lingham stones have been used increasingly in a number of healing therapies, from stress, depression and mood related problems to physical concerns such as headaches, backaches and muscular problems, and even serious illnesses and diseases. But how does crystal healing work, why do so many people use it, and vouch for its success, and what should you look out for when considering purchasing healing crystals or Shiva Lingham stones yourself?

If you’ve ever wandered near a television or loudspeaker with a mobile phone, especially as you’re calling someone or sending a text message, you’ll know the alarming sounds picked up. This is just one example of the powerful signals, vibrations and energies passing through the air, and through our bodies, each and every single moment. Many of these signals, such as those transmitted by television companies or radio broadcasters, are harmless. There are arguments and concerns that mobile phone transmitters and electrical power lines may cause mood swings, periods of depression and other illnesses, but what is clear is that unseen vibrational energy is not simply very real, but something we accept, live with, and realise has a significant effect on our well-being.

It has long been known that crystals have special properties, and as each type of crystal has a different vibrational property, each contributes different vibrational energy, and different health benefits. But this in itself is not the whole story, because one cannot discuss crystal healing without at the same time taking into account the importance of the aura.

Much has been written about auras, but one aspect of the aura in particular is its vibrational properties. Different areas or aspects of the aura pulse or vibrate at specific rates. One of the ways in which psychic healers identify areas of the body which may be unwell, restricted or diseased is by detecting vibrational discrepancies. But how does this tie in which healing crystals?

Imagine throwing two stones in a pond. The waves from each spread out, until they meet. Depending upon the weight of the stones and the depth of the water, when these ripples meet, they may either cancel each other out, creating a calmer surface, or they may create much more powerful waves. By placing the right kind of healing stone against a part of the body which needs healing, strength, support or calming, the vibrational energies of the crystals and the aura should help to create a calmer pattern, with the crystal helping the aura to recover and strengthen.

But it is not the case that any old crystal will do. Just as the slight variation of size, weight, shape and density of a stone may create different ripples on the water’s surface, so crystals will give out vibrations at varying frequencies, and in various strengths. There are ways in which crystals can be helped in giving out their vibrational energy smoothly and cleanly – and there are ways in which it can be stifled. For example, crystals encased in metals will have almost no effect, and so healing crystals sold with metal clasps or mounts will have reduced effect.

Within the space of this article it isn’t possible to run through the many ways in which healing crystals and Shiva Lingham stones can be used, and in any case there’s much debate as to the best ways to use them. But one thing is clear, and that is that by having crystals close to the skin, and using them within a healing ceremony or meditative experience a very great deal of good has been known to occur. Many people swear by healing crystals either as part of a holistic remedy, or as the sole means by which pain relief or healing occurs.

From dog bites to headaches, people have used the powerful energies within Shiva Lingham stones and healing crystals, with much evidence to suggest that healing takes place more quickly. Clearly it is always preferable to use a natural remedy such as crystals or stones to cure a headache than to force chemicals and drugs into our body. To take drugs is often akin to pulling the plug out of the lake to stop the ripples, or freezing the surface! Much better is to create soothing ripples or vibrations which work in tune with our body’s natural harmonics to calm and heal any damage or problem.

Conventional medicines do not always work, and there are some illnesses or conditions which simply can’t be treated with conventional medicines. Complementary healing using healing crystals or Shiva Lingham stones can do wonders for restoring calm, strengthening and energising the body and improving ailments or conditions which are troubling the body. Ancient, tactile, beautiful and energising – healing crystals have a great deal to offer.

Faith Lamb has long been fascinated by various New Age and Paranormal subjects. For more information on Faith and her interests you can visit her New Age Shop, Moonrust. Faith also runs the Moonrust Forum, where like minded people can discuss New Age lifestyles and ideas.

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