What is Esoteric Service?

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What is Esoteric Service?
By: Lincoln Welles

What is Esoteric Service?

One expression of service is the application of spiritual energy to raise the energies in a situation and help bring conditions into alignment with the Plan. This may be termed “esoteric service,” for it is based in a level of consciousness beyond the personality.

The “plan” may be the plan for the planet, for an individual or for all areas in between or beyond. While we may never know completely what the plan is, we can, nonetheless, contribute to its realization. In fact it may be better that we don’t fully know the plan, for we, limited by the physical world, may not be able to grasp it fully and thereby, could distort it. Higher truth can be very fragile in the lower planes. That’s not intended as a slam against well intended servers, only a statement of fact.

Let’s look at it this way. The conditions in the lower planes on this planet are extremely dense and often obscure a clear perception of Spirit. This only means that it takes more growth, effort and development to be an esoteric server. It is a process whereby one gradually increases perception, consciousness and understanding that leads to progressively potent expressions of higher principles. This is nothing more than saying that a businessman with years of experience has greater capability, range and insight than the recent graduate who is starting his first job.

The Plan as we define it is created and exists at the level of the Soul, or higher. Therefore, to comprehend it we have to go to it, rather than bring it down to us. Besides, such plans deal with Spiritual qualities and higher energies, not specific physical events or situations. This is good, for in this kind of service we don’t need to get hung up on specific outcomes. There’s a lot of freedom in this even though it may be uncomfortable to personalities who want to control and mentally understand.

Along with service we emphasize personal growth and development, for this is necessary to prepare one for esoteric service. Such training and development is not needed for everyday service to others, but the actions of everyday service can be greatly enhanced by one with Soul contact and expression. Again this is a matter of degree with increased capability resulting from applied service and personal growth. By the way, specific knowledge of spiritual subjects is irrelevant. Christ Consciousness can manifest through any willing and capable channel. It is the quality of the expression, not the specific form it takes.

One of the great examples of this is Albert Schweitzer, the doctor who served the better part of his life in Africa. His work was obscure and he made a tremendous difference in the lives of those he treated. He sought not fame, nor did he force his beliefs on others. He was an example of selfless service to others. In "Operating Manual for the Aquarian Age," he is cited as an excellent example of Aquarian consciousness, although he would be unfamiliar with the term.

One of the goals of the 6th Ray is the manifestation of faith and devotion and it has produced a “feeling” nature that can align to spirit. On the negative side, it tends to produce excessive emotionalism and fanaticism in the lesser developed life streams. We, as humanity, have now internalized the 6th Ray sufficient for this cycle and it is time to move on. The next cycle, the Aquarian, will emphasize the 7th Ray. This article is oriented to practical application of spiritual truth in everyday living. Those who bring this in are the “exoteric servers” who will manifest the next age through applied action.

Who knows what interesting times lie ahead, but be assured that we are entering a time of tremendous growth. There will be many challenges for all on this beautiful little planet. This period will be an opportunity for unparalleled growth and service - if you go with it. Our goal is to help prepare you, but the ball is in your court. Go for it!

Lincoln is the pen name for Steve Kellogg who operates the sites www.GRACEetc.com and www.RaisetheEarth.com. A free monthly e-letter, “The Service Bulletin” is available on either of these sites.

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