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What is Spirit
By: Shirley Marotta

When you ask the question what is Spirit? You open the door to many interpretations. I am giving here my understanding (from my reading and exploration) of what Spirit is to me.

Spirit is the unseen force within all people and within all worldly things. Spirit is the driving force behind all creation. Spirit is the core of your being that knows everything. It is the energy that propels things into manifestation. It is that voice inside that tells you when things feel right or wrong.

Spiritual Connection

When you are in the quiet of meditation you are bridging the gap between the ego, that goes about taking care of everyday life events, and your true Spirit within. This Spirit is the core of your being the energy that supports your life. Letting go of outside distractions allows you to touch your Spiritual core.

Have you ever been so involved in a project you love doing that time passed without notice, everything just flowed as it should, and all the pieces fell into place with ease? Your inner Spirit was guiding you, because you let go of everything around you and focused on the task. Spirit is that place inside you that gives you the inspiration and love for that task because it is right for you, it is what you were meant to do.

So when you ask what is Spirit? I say to you it is your center, the core of your being that knows all you need to know to live a happy fulfilling life. This is not to say that you will never experience ups and downs in your life. Being in touch with your Spiritual center will help you to deal with stressful situations, because you will be approaching it from the calm of your Spiritual center. Answer the question for yourself, what is Spirit? Explore the meaning for yourself, read, learn, seek out Spiritual teachers. You will touch the core of your being and begin the journey to Spiritual awakening then handling life's challenges will be easier.

Spiritual Living

Incorporate into your life those things that you enjoy that make you feel good about yourself and at the same time you are honoring your Spirit. Be aware that every living being has the same inner Spirit and try to see that in them as well.

Everyone has a Spirit within, everyone is dealing with different life situations that contribute to their outlook on life. They may not seem like Spiritual beings at times but it is there and if you can recognize that small spark in all things you will be the better for it. When you honor Spirit in others and in the world around you, you honor your Spirit as well. We are all one with the universal energy that is the one Divine Spirit that created our world and everything in it.

Open your mind and heart, learn and listen to the voice of the Spirit within. You come from Spirit and you are connected to the Divine Spirit that created this Universe and all that is in it. Because you are from this one true Spirit you share in its power and abundance if you recognize it and nurture that part of yourself.

Be kind to yourself and trust that inner voice, always think and act from a place of love and kindness. Every act of kindness will open your heart more and more. With an open heart you will hear the voice of Spirit, you will change your life for the better.

Whether you realize it or not every positive thought and act stems from your Spiritual center (that inner voice) and you are planting the seeds of positive change in the consciousness of the entire world. So ask yourself what is Spirit? And live your best life now.



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