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  • The Basic Knowledge About the Seven Chakras  By : crystal
    When considering the individual spiritual development in the course of human evolution, be it within the eastern school of though or within the western esoteric schools, we cannot but talk about the seven chakras.
  • Discovering the Sacred Heart / Hrit Padma Chakra  By : Rachel Goodwin
    This article talks about how in our New Earth ascension group, we came to discover a chakra within us that takes us on a pathway to ascension.
  • Kuan Yin: Chakra Tuning, Prayer, Visualization and the Importance of Sound  By : kuanyinspirit
    In 2004 Lena Lees channeled twenty-eight sessions: discussions with Eastern goddess of compassion, Kuan Yin. The following are excerpts from The Living Word of Kuan Yin.
  • Chakras. A Circle. A Flower.  By : Oscar Basurto Carbonell
    A Circle, A Flower

    Life is a circle and at the same time is only a first step, which contains all what man has made: His laughs and his cries are there. There is nothing that is not found in its bosom. Because it is like the voice of man. It will talk to you about his feelings.

    Chakras are circles
  • Four Creative Steps To Healing  By : Laura Turner
    It has been shown scientifically that each of these 7 wheels of energy corresponds to a particular endocrine gland in the body. Translation: In light of the adage, "you are what you eat" we could conclude with with some degree of certainty that "you are what you think."
  • Why I Recommend Energy Healing  By : Lisa Whatley
    To keep this as simplistic as possible, we have an invisible energy body surrounding our physical body. In this energy body are layers. Each layer has different functions and each layer is associated with a different chakra and each chakra and layer both have an effect on areas of the physical body.
  • Empowering Ourselves With The New Energy Dynamic  By : Eli Galla
    The chakras are an important part of our energy anatomy. Ideally we would like to feel that all of the chakras in our body are fully functioning. This is not the case. The un-empowering beliefs & excess electromagnetic energy within our energy anatomy, which we hold onto, create blocks.
  • Try This Chakra Meditation  By : Trevor Dumbleton
    Chakra meditation helps to strengthen weak chakras and will benefit your health, wisdom and happiness.
  • Chakra Balancing  By : Donald Jones
    Chakra reconciliation is founded on the ancient Amerind impression in a series of 7 chakras, or vigor centers. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel.
  • Chakras And Flowers  By : Kit Heathcock
    There are seven main chakras (as well as several others) in a line from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and one more newly recognised chakra just above the head which I believe is important.

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