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  • The Importance of Mountain Dragon  By : Master Jon Sim
    Wealth obviously refers to money and assets. Man refers to you; the health, wisdom, emotions, and human relationship of one’s. In simple, mountain refers to human luck while water, wealth luck.
  • Feng Shui - Is It a Myth or Superstition?  By : Master Jon Sim
    Feng Shui definitely exists. But it is not as what you seen on TV and movies, possessing great powers to twist one’s fate, to gaining power and becoming rich over night.
  • Feng Shui, Art of Water Placement  By : Master Jon Sim
    The use of water feature has been widely applied in Feng Shui practice. It is believed to be able to create wealth and good fortune by many. But this is however not true. Water does not in anyway represent wealth, abundance and prosperity. By the law of nature, "Qi" is carried and dispersed by the wind and preserve in the water.
  • 10 Keys To Using Color With Feng Shui  By : Cucan Pemo
    For those that are looking to change their lives and want to take a fresh, organic and affordable path to that goal, Feng Shui is the answer. Feng Shui is much more than just organizing your belongings in a particular way to allow for optimal chi flow, it is an entire state of mind.
  • Achieve A Balance - Feng Shui All The Way  By : Tim Lapkovski
    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that involves studying natural and the built environments. The arrangements of these objects affect the yin and the yang, as well as the energy of a room.
  • 5 Powerful Feng Shui Principles You Can Use Immediately In Your Home  By : Cucan Pemo
    In Chinese feng shui translates to wind and water. As a form of knowledge and mystical instruction it dates back several thousand years to ancient China.
  • How To Bring Balance And Positive Chi Into Your Home With Feng Shui  By : Cucan Pemo
    Meaning literally wind and water, Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement based upon a philosophy of the movement of chi or natural energy through our environments.
  • Feng Shui - the Myth And The Marvel  By : Breiana Cecil
    Feng Shui ("wind-water") is an ancient Chinese practice dealing with the arrangement of a space and its elements to bring balance to the environment and those who dwell within, more basically, living in harmony with your surroundings.
  • The Unique Relationship Between Wind Chimes And Feng Shui  By : Stephen Betzen
    For centuries the Chinese have believed that there is a logical way to organize their living and discipline their thoughts, to better achieve harmony and live peaceably within the forces of nature.
  • Significance Of Colors In Feng Shui Practice  By : Mike Z. Wang
    You may be aware of two types of energies (yin and yang) that the colors in Feng Shui represent. You can think of yin energy as like a plant growing from the earth. It comes from the soil, raising itself upward and moving toward the sky. As yin energy moves up to the sky it becomes diffused and dissipated. Yin energies have an element of dreaminess about them and the colors like blue, white, green and purple according to Feng Shui are believed to have yin energies.
  • Buying A House With Good Feng Shui  By : Michael Teo
    To assess the feng shui of a property, one must study the effect of the environmental energies namely, the external and internal environment.
  • Feng Shui In Your Home For The Placement Of Furniture  By : Katerina Mitrou
    Feng Shui for the placement of furniture is becoming more popular in the Western world as people seek to bring balance into their hectic, modern lives. Feng Shui involves placing objects such as furniture in a space so that good energy is allowed to flow through unencumbered.

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