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  • DNA Activation, Lightbody, Healing Music, Visionary Art  By : Jude Law
    Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences. Both trained and self-taught (or outsider) artists have, and continue to create visionary works.
  • Anthroposophical Medicine  By : jgraf
    An introduction by Insight21 to anthroposophical medicine, one of the many initiatives launched by Rudolf Steiner. A holistic approach to healing that entails an in-depth assessment of the human condition.
  • Unlimited Body  By : Arne
    “Unlimited Body is unique in its approach to healing,” says Rantzén. Unlimited Body is based on the belief that healing happens faster and becomes permanent when we refrain from trying to create healing, but instead allow the cells to do their own healing.
  • Mediterranean Diet - 10 Proven Tips to Instantly Improve Your Health  By : R. Lee
    Discover 10 Proven tips you can do right now, that can instantly begin to improve your health.
  • Crystals Energy Healing Ground Breaking Research  By : Crystalharmony
    A pioneering research into the energetic healing qualities of crystals and minerals. The sole objective of which was to find the answers to some as yet unanswered questions: 'why do crystals have therapeutic qualities', 'what gives them these qualities' and 'exactly how do they work'?
  • Frankincense and Myrrh  By : Carolyn Donnelly
    As with many of the ancient natural remedies, frankincense and myrrh is fairly absent on the prescription list of most modern doctors. This could be changing as the medicinal qualities of these two resins, like so many other natural remedies, are being explored by todays medical researchers. This wisdom, that has been handed down from our forefathers (and foremothers) and has continued in the realms of natural therapy and new age practice could soon become revived for mainstream medicine.
  • The Body's Consciousness: Encoding From The Soul  By : Julie Redstone
    The body's consciousness operates as a unified whole, allowing the brain, central nervous system, and higher intuition to register what is going on in all the various parts. Without consciousness, the body would not be able to maintain itself. And yet in treating the various illnesses and disorders that the body manifests, we do not often speak of the body's consciousness or the messages that it may have for us.
  • What Is Iridology?  By : Rene Graeber
    In 1950, a chiropractor from America named Bernard Jensen began teaching students about the necessity of using natural foods to detoxify the body. He developed a method by which the color of the iris was used to indicate the presence of different toxins. American iridology was born.
  • The Skinny On Siberian Ginseng  By : Laura Turner
    Ginseng is yet another addition to the category of Hot supplement topics. Of course - if there is a naturally occurring substance that helps to stimulate mental and physical energy, decrease incidence of cancer and ward off colds and flu - I certainly want answers!
  • Personal Alchemy: Three Steps To Positive Transformation  By : Laura Turner
    So how to take charge of your own personal alchemy? For me, it's about changes and transformations of mind, body and spirit. Therefore, in this article I've outlined three of my favorite ways to approach personal alchemy on the path to wholeness and health.
  • Homeopathy 101  By : Laura Turner
    Quite simply, homeopathic remedies offer a natural approach to healthcare. Its healing method places its emphasis on the ability of one's own body to heal itself. Homeopathic medicines are natural, effective, inexpensive and are without side effects.
  • The Eastern Way: How The Art Of Doing Nothing Improves Your Health  By : Laura Turner
    Take time each day to sit still for several minutes. Observe your breath. Use deep breaths (in through the nose and out through the nose) to bring the body into a state of peace. Studies have shown that nose breathing is both clarifying and invokes a calm in the body unlike any other exercise.
  • Stay Healthy - Purify Your Energy  By : Laura Turner
    Eastern healers believe the body is energetic. According to them, the flesh and blood that is "us" is innervated by an invisible membrane; a fiber network which is also an energetic blueprint of the physical body. At the helm of this creative vehicle is our thoughts. Thoughts create the energy that will eventually manifest into matter and will determine the fate of our bodies.
  • Healing Into Light: The Purification Of Individuals And Of The Earth  By : Julie Redstone
    There are many avenues of working with light for purposes of healing and purification, some more powerful than others. Some take place through meditation; some through participation in the synergy of light-filled groups; some through being in nature, and some through spiritual practices which focus more directly on alignment and on breathing in light for the purpose of healing painful areas of life, whether physical, emotional, or any other variety.
  • Secrets Of Self-Healing Cancer  By : Dr Laurence Magne
    There are a number of practices that can be quickly and easily instituted into your life which will help to increase you capacity for self healing of any disease, and in particular cancer.
  • Green Tea For Healing The Body  By : Marcus Stout
    Tea has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. But, as much as it’s been relied on for healing, we are really just beginning to understand all the ways that green tea can protect health and prevent disease. Research has been performed on green tea’s effects on many different diseases, and the results have been astounding.
  • Can You Cause Natural Healing Of Cancer?  By : Dr Laurence Magne
    What is healing really? How can you tell whether the pill or the surgery really healed you? Doctors claim that their drugs healed you, yet in all cases, it is only you who has healed your body. Rarely do the pills, the knife, the chemotherapy or the radiation have a real influence on the course of disease.
  • Healing Cancer With The Mind!  By : Dr Laurence Magne
    No matter what, you’re healed through your own intervention and belief. You’re the one who controls your entire body through the power of your mind, and if you’re determined not to be cured, no surgery, no drug or placebo will heal you.
  • Music Therapy: The Healing Power Of Music  By : John McIntosh
    We’ve long known that music can soothe the savage beast, but we now know that it also helps heal the ravaged body. When people who are ill are surrounded by the healing arts such as music—as well as painting, architecture and theater—they feel less pain and recover more quickly.
  • The Secrets To Healing From Within  By : Brenda Shoshanna
    Healing from within brings inner peace with it. It arises in a different way. We are taught to stop, pay attention and respect all that comes to us. We do not view pain as bad, as something that must be removed at any cost. Pain arises from lack of balance and brings many messages along with it. When we see our pain as a messenger and learn how to listen to it, healing begins in all kinds of ways.
  • A Powerful Method For Healing Depression  By : Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
    The first thing that I did with Kendra was to help her create a personal source of spiritual guidance. I asked her to make up a being who was very loving, wise and powerful - a man, woman or animal to whom she could turn to, in her imagination, for help and guidance. Kendra made up an older Indian medicine woman whom she called Elder One.
  • Energy Healing  By : Jeff Palmer
    Energy healing is a very widely used term for any form of healing which balances, rejuvenates, or restores the levels of energy in the body. The principles of energy healing are rooted in the belief that in addition to biological and bio-chemical systems, the human body consists of a system of subtle energies.
  • 10 Great Ways To Receive Some Spiritual Help  By : Michaela Scherr
    When spirit answers in whatever shape it presents itself, a chance then exists for either doing something about it or not. If nothing changes, then nothing changes.
  • Vibrational Healing, What Is It?  By : Michaela Scherr
    In the known Universe, everything vibrates, from low frequency to high. Electrons, protons, and neutrons that form atoms and sub-atomic particles all move at incredible speeds. Sub-atomic particles millions of times smaller than the full stop at the end of sentences move so fast that technology is yet to actually photograph what they look like (though I suspect this will happen in the near future).
  • A Little Tired These Days? Try Supporting Those Adrenal Glands!  By : Misty Rae Cech
    Healthy adrenal glands…something we rarely think about, but our fast-paced lifestyles push these little organs to the limit. Overtaxed by stress, stimulants, sugar and a variety of habits, our body's energy control centers are easily maxed-out, resulting in fatigue, depression and even weight gain.
  • Path To Healing  By : Bonnie Moss
    The path to healing is a personal choice. It is a path where you choose to piece together the fragments and make it” whole” again. It paves the way to self-discovery, to open the door to your inner self and experience inner harmony.

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