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  • Hypnosis - Frequently Asked Questions  By : Jon Rhodes
    Here are a bunch of frequently asked questions on hypnotherapy, which are answered by one of the UK's top hypnotherapists.
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Hypnotist  By : Michelle Beaudry
    The changes you seek are just a trance away. Hypnosis is so easy, you do it with your eyes closed.
  • The Amazing Phenomenon Surrounding the Book: The Living Word of Kuan Yin  By : kuanyinspirit
    Through the years of teaching and facilitating hypnosis, I've been aware that when one goes into trance (the alpha brainwave rhythms) or dreams (the theta brainwave rhythms), one obviously enters a non-linear world void of time, space parameters. Because of their contrast to the waking self (where one is accustomed to a reality grounded in time and space), non-linear realms can be problematic when trying to accurately translate and relay information from “alpha” to “beta” reality.
  • Hypnosis and The Mind  By : Michelle Beaudry
    Explains what hypnosis is, how it works, and how it can help you.
  • What Hypnosis Can Do For You  By : Rene Graeber
    When the mind is subjected to hypnosis, it becomes open to suggestions. That is why it is used in various situations to maximize the effect.
  • The Skinny On Hypnotherapy  By : Laura Turner
    I admit, I didn't know much about hypnotherapy, especially for weight loss. But the results are undeniable. So to find out more, I sat down with Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, weight loss coach and creator of Donate Your Weight
  • Using The Language Of Self-Hypnosis  By : Adam Eason
    The words that you use in and out of self-hypnosis carry a lot of connotation and a lot of deeper meanings for you as they do for everyone. What one word means to one person can mean something completely different to another.
  • Demystifying The Powers Of Hypnosis  By : Debbie Friedman
    Hypnosis is an enjoyable, easy and effective way to change our bad habits into good ones and our negative feelings into positive ones. All of our emotions, beliefs, and habits reside in the subconscious mind and hypnosis provides direct access to the subconscious mind to replace any negatives with powerful, positive beliefs.

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