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  • The Enchanted Forest: A Spiritual Narration  By : Oscar Basurto Carbonell
    Then he remembered that as a child he had always dreamed about living in an enchanted forest, where that child could talk with the whole nature, be the trees, flowers, mountains, creeks, birds, animals. He remembered that fantasy where he would feed himself with sensations, experiences, friendship,
  • Healing Reasons For Incarnating On Earth  By : kuanyinspirit
    Having facilitated hundreds of trances, my area of expertise focuses upon the more transpersonal aspects of hypnosis: a client’s intimate experience of the divine. Past life regression, spirit guide communication and chakra alignment exemplify the transpersonal. Experiencing such processes, one embarks upon a journey into Self. As events occurring in all fields of human consciousness contribute to one’s spiritual gestalt, understanding the relationship between death, the afterlife and one’s ...
  • The Great Pyramid  By : Philip Gardiner
    I am going to speak of something many academics have voiced to me in private. Even today, as I write this article, an eminent Egyptologist spoke to me of the fact that the Great Pyramid “was surely not just a tomb, if at tomb at all!” She was almost resentful of not being “allowed” to state the truth.
  • Can The Existence Of Life After Death Be Proven?  By : Bob Daulby
    If there is a problem at all when trying to establish the existence of a life after our passing here, it is proof.

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