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  • Taking Care of Yourself  By : Dr Harry Henshaw
    Living in our world today can be very stressful. While some of the stress that we experience is actually useful for motivating us, a point can be reached where it becomes very harmful, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Knowing how to manage and even reduce the harmful effects of stress on a daily basis, of staying balanced and centered as we encounter the many stressors of everyday living, is crucial to our well being. Among other things, taking care of ourselves will necessarily inv
  • Goddess Inspiration  By : Arne
    Are you so busy doing, doing, doing that suddenly the hour, day, month, year is gone and everything seems like a blur? Have you ever asked, "Why am I here? Thereís got to be more to life than this."
  • Boost Your IQ: Techniques to Increase Your Intelligence Quotient Today  By : Evgheny Stivenson
    It is possible to enhance your intelligence quotient in a matter of 10 minutes. Some techniques to do so are discussed below. Don't you want to enhance your IQ? Of course, you can use the brain power exercises and techniques. But these are long term and you would need to regularly practice them. What if you want to boost your IQ now, when you don't have more than 10 minutes.
  • The Mystic Art of Negotiation  By : Oscar Basurto Carbonell
    What is the reason, that we include a topic that may seem, completely materialistic? Because, life is also, very materialistic but its foundations and principles are primarily, ethic and just. The negotiator, is not a merchant of the temple, because the things of the spirit, transcend any material v
  • Aspects That Aid in Controlling Oneself in Self Control  By : lazysurfer2
    Self-control is one of the various divisions of self-development. It is the capacity to encourage oneself to do the right things in life and curb our animal desires. However, the root of this self-development lies in a strong will power and disciplining oneself. Self-control produces a kind of confidence in us to the things that we think are difficult to achieve. It creates a drive of perseverance in us that make us accomplish our goals.
  • Finding You in Healing the Hidden Self  By : lazysurfer2
    People today are starting to recognize the value of self-talk. At one time people thought of those that talked to self as someone with a mental ailment. This is not true today. Experts are recognizing that self-talk is a healthy tool that we all can use to find answers to our questions and resolve many problems.
  • Facing Problems in Healing the Hidden Self  By : lazysurfer2
    If a challenging situation happens in an individualís life when he or she begins to develop negative thoughts. When this happens, the person often starts to blame self or others, which the self-denial could result to an emotionally disturbance.
  • Relaxation Rescue  By : Laura M. Turner, M.S., CHHP
    Let's face it, stress is everywhere. It lurks in every corner and around every bend, just waiting to "get" us. And study after study concludes that although some stress can be productive, prolonged stress can lead to chronic illness. Yet, stress can only "get us" if we let it...
  • What Are You Made For?  By : Laura M. Turner, M.S., CHHP
    Often society dictates our thoughts, our wardrobe, our style, even our weight. But, what happens if we're not perfect in "their" eyes? In my mind, there's two choices: 1) Spend endless hours chasing images of what we "should" be or 2) Spend time discovering the answer to the question: "what's perfect for me?" If you've ever found yourself struggling with your image of self as it pertains to your peers, consider this article your freedom ticket.
  • Purify Your Energy To Stay Healthy and Stress Free  By : Laura M. Turner, M.S., CHHP
    Eastern healers believe the body is energetic. According to them, the flesh and blood that is "us" is innervated by an invisible membrane; a fiber network which is also an energetic blueprint of the physical body. At the helm of this creative vehicle is our thoughts. Thoughts create the energy that will eventually manifest into matter and will determine the fate of our bodies. In this article, you will learn helpful ways to keep your thoughts free from negativity, therefore enhancing the powerful force of positive energy in your body and in your life.
  • Transform Your Imperfections  By : Laura M. Turner, M.S., CHHP
    Join Laura as she shows you three steps to transforming your imperfections. Read on to learn a simple process you can use to release negativity, accept who you are in the moment and aim to transform your thoughts to embrace the true "you."
  • Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zones  By : Wendy Betterini
    All of us have the tendency to form "comfort zones" around ourselves: boundaries between what makes us feel comfortable, and uncomfortable. Comfort zones are not always bad. Sometimes they can prevent us from doing something stupid or reckless.
  • The Mountain Behind The Mountain  By : Wendy Betterini
    Our fear could accurately be called the mountain behind the mountain behind the mountain! But the beauty of this process is that once we face our fear, it doesn't seem so big anymore.

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