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  • From The Beginning of Time, People Have Traveled To Sacred Sites  By :
    Why is it that people engage in a spiritual journey or spiritual retreats? From age-old stone circles and jungle-tangled pyramids to mountaintop shrin
  • Lifetimes of the Ascended Master St. Germain  By : Rose Greenwood
    The ascended masters are similar to patron saints. They have learned all of their lessons on earth and no longer need to take incarnation among men. The ascended master St. Germain is the master of the seventh ray. Learn more here.
  • Lifetimes of the Ascended Master Hilarion  By : Rose Greenwood
    The ascended masters are souls who have learned all of their lessons on earth and no longer need to take incarnation among men. Unsurprisingly, the ascended master Hilarionís final incarnation was as Saint Hilarion. Learn more here.
  • Lifetimes of the Ascended Master Serapis Bey  By : Rose Greenwood
    Serapis Bey is an ascended master recognized for his devoted to discipline, excellence and purity. He is the lord or chohan of the 4th ray. Two of the more well-known lifetimes of the ascended master Serapis Bey are that of Amenhotep III and King Leonidas. Learn more here.
  • Lifetimes of the Ascended Master El Morya  By : Rose Greenwood
    The ascended masters once walked the earth the same as we do. They had lifetimes in which they perfected various soul and character qualities. A study of specific lifetimes of the masters helps us to understand what is required for true self-mastery. Learn about the lifetimes of El Morya.
  • Nature Spirits: Guardians of the Earth  By : Rose Greenwood
    Traditions of nature spirits have existed in highly diverse cultures around the world for centuries. Read more about the fascinating traditions of nature spirits here.
  • Color Psychology and Spirituality  By : Rose Greenwood
    Color symbolism has always played a major role in religious symbolism and religious rituals. Each color has a different meaning that may vary from religion to religion. Learn more about color psychology and spirituality.
  • 3 Reasons Why Nag Champa Incense Sticks Are Symbolic  By : Faith Lamb
    Why are Nag Champa incense sticks used by so many religions and spiritual movements, and by so many people at home? What is the symbolism behind burning incense, and what is burning incense supposed to achieve?
  • Everyday Spirituality  By : Shirley Marotta
    Everyday spirituality is found within all of us. Look past the physical, look beyond it into each individual's spiritual center. Use your awareness to recognize it in all beings.
  • The Limits of Mysticism - Eckhart Tolle Meets Anthroposophy  By : jgraf
    Anthroposophy versus mysticism - a comparative exploration of key modern spiritual paths, using the perspectives of Eckhart Tolle, Rudolf Steiner, and Georg Kuhlewind.
  • What is Spirit  By : Shirley Marotta
    When you ask the question what is Spirit? You open the door to many interpretations. I am giving here my understanding (from my reading and exploration) of what Spirit is to me.
  • A Spiritual Ecology of West Coast Rainforest  By : jgraf
    As presented by the Earth Vision project, an experiential foray through west coast nature, from a deep ecology perspective, using poetic prose as a vehicle.
  • The Spiritual Ecology of the Boreal Forest  By : jgraf
    The Earth Vision project presents to the reader an experience of spiritual ecology in the northern boreal forest.
  • The Spiritual Ecology of Evolution  By : jgraf
    An article by Insight21 that presents alternative views on evolution, including the perspectives of Peter Kropotkin and Rudolf Steiner.
  • Self-Evidence of Divine Presence  By : Kajom
    The Divine Presence is within everyone of us although it is something that we do not see. Yet, there is self-evidence of it that is simple to detect. It is so simple and powerful, yet we fail to give attention to it even for five minutes of our day.
  • What is Esoteric Service?  By : Lincoln Welles
    Individuals who are inspired by their higher selves are driven to serve the greater good. Esoteric service requires the individual be connected to higher purpose and able to invoke spiritual energy and consciousness. These individuals will help to manifest the Aquarian Age.
  • Stop Thinking  By : Dave Dorgan
    The great Yoga master Swami Sivananda called it "knowing without thinking." We think with brains. We know with our souls, which contain the infinite knowledge of God/the universe. Both thinking and knowing have their important roles in our lives. The problem is that our ego points us away from knowing and toward thinking. That is because the ego has no place within the soul.
  • Embracing Your Divinity  By : Linda Zander
    Human beings have lost their way in life. Linda Zander, professional speaker, helps readers get back to a spiritual path.
  • What Happens While We Sleep: A Spiritual Perspective  By : Julie Redstone
    The body is a miracle of organization and intelligence in which life is continually renewed and energy continually replenished so that the total organism can continue to live. Sleeping involves part of this renewal, and is a process through which the higher vibrations of light are permitted greater access to the physical body because the emotional and mental components of personality that are often limiting factors in the awake state are no longer present while one sleeps.
  • Starting The Path To A Spiritual Journey  By : Lynn Claridge
    A spiritual path is easy to miss because it is subtle. It is a path to your higher consciousness with fuller awareness. Upon entering the spiritual path, you will begin to change your perceptions and see new interpretations of reality. You will learn to heal yourself from the conditioning of childhood, societal mores and traditional thinking. You move from being unaware to becoming an empowered, conscious, loving, holistic, and fully functioning person. You will start to understand the mysteries of life.
  • Inner Awareness  By : Lynn Claridge
    To receive inner guidance is to trust in yourself and to be open to the incredible and infinite possibilities of the adventures of life that present themselves to you in your lifetime.
  • What Is Tribal Mind?  By : Viva Dana
    As more and more people begin to learn how their unique souls are mass triggered by certain global events, they can begin a process of dis-egaging from tribal mind even when seeming disasters strike. This process of dis-engagement enables a soul to walk through situations that may appear difficult to others, but may in fact, not be difficult at all.
  • Understanding How You Are Connected To 'All That Is'  By : Viva Dana
    As more and more of us begin to see our 'energy connectedness' to everything around us, we will begin to 'create' things with more wisdom and consideration of all living things that surround us. Hence, we will begin to collectively manifest a much more peaceful world.
  • Why Humans Can't Hear Animals  By : Viva Dana
    All over the globe and most noticeably within the recent decade, a slow and steady mass human awakening regarding the value of the 'consciousness' of the plant and animal kingdoms has been unfolding.
  • The New World Gurus  By : Viva Dana
    Throughout mankind there have been certain individuals whose soul energies were high enough in frequency that as they walked the Earth, they often stood out as lone icons for evolution during various periods of history.

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