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  • Martial Arts and Health Benefits  By : Mercedes Aspland
    There are literally hundreds of martial arts available for you to practise and all of them can have significant health benefits for you. In this article we will consider possible martial arts you could consider and also just what health benefits you could get from regular practise of them.
  • What are the Benefits of Tai Chi  By : Mercedes Aspland
    Tai Chi is becoming more and more popular and is being greeted by the medical world in a positive light. In this article we will look at what Tai Chi is, the principles behind it and the benefits that you can get through regular practise of Tai Chi.
  • T'ai Chi In The Information Age Ancient Cure For Modern Problems  By : Bill Douglas
    T'ai Chi is a gentle series of relaxing motions that cleanse the body's tissue of accumulated stress and, by doing so, boosts all aspects of our health systems.
  • Tai Chi  By : Sheila Dickinson
    If you are not happy with any area of your life today, then Tai Chi can help you. I have been studying and teaching the tai chi Health Arts for over twenty years. During this time I have learnt that the answer to all questions lies within each of us.
  • Exercise Through Tai Chi For The Elderly  By : Sheila Dickinson
    Tai Chi is certainly beneficial for the elderly for many reasons, the most obvious one is that the movements are soft and gentle and they may be practised without placing a strain on the body.
  • Tai Chi Breathing: Qi And Channels  By : C. Guan Soo
    Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the concept of 'Qi' is extremely important. Qi can be translated as energy. It's a form of life energy. Every living thing has Qi, even plants.
  • Breathe Your Way To Healthier Life - 5 Simple Steps Of Tai Chi Breathing  By : C. Guan Soo
    First of all, let me explain what are not the correct breathing methods then only move on to the correct method. Most people breathe using the chest or the upper diaphragm. Worst still if they breathe through the mouth. Breathing in this way will result in shorter, shallower and coarser breath.
  • Tai Chi For Health And Balance  By : Marjorie Geiser
    Daily practice of Tai Chi promotes mental clarity and a healthy body, assists with balance and helps the circulation of the blood.
  • The Health Benefits Of Tai Chi  By : Steve Hill
    More and more people are looking at the different alternative health therapy options these days. In this article, I write about the health benefits which using tai chi can bring.

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