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  • The Anatomy of a Tarot Reading  By : H.P. Thomas Moore
    What you do to prepare to read, how to layout the cards and interpret them in their respective places and how to string it all together in a way that is fast fun and easy!
  • An Easy Start to Tarot  By : H.P. Thomas Moore
    Nervous about learning the Tarot because of all that memorizing? Using simple keywords, word association and Numerology and some Astrology you can learn an easy start to the Tarot to get you reading!
  • Interpreting Tarot Cards  By : Isabella
    Interpreting the Tarot cards is an attempt to acquire knowledge of the past, present or future through insight and intuition. Being able to read the patterns from the card images is the key to revealing what is happening beneath the surface and what is likely to result from this.
  • Tarot and Wellness  By : Almabella
    Tarot can be used as a tool to explore the realms of wellness, the harmony of mind, body and spirit. The most potent applications of any symbolic therapy will be to reach the body through the gateway of the unconscious, that part of us we do not see, we can not touch, yet we can bring into harmony with our total being and trust that it will open our world to the Universal abundance that is available to all of us.
  • 7 Important Tarot Cards In The Major Arcana  By : Cucan Pemo
    The world of Tarot is a wondrous and fascinating place filled with mystical power and interesting legend. How the various tarot decks evolved from their original form to that of the common deck of playing cards is one of history’s best stories.
  • Demystifying The “Death” Card In Tarot  By : Cucan Pemo
    As a tarot card reader, part of your job is to read a person’s cards in a manner that inspires trust and satisfaction in your client. You must read your client’s combination of cards in a fashion that is true to the cards but realistic and positive at the same time.
  • How To Give A Tarot Reading In 7 Memorable Steps  By : Cucan Pemo
    There are many, many ways to read Tarot cards, but it helps to have a consistent method that you use each time – this way, you can think less about how you're going to read and focus completely on your subject, the cards and their meaning.
  • A Fascinating History Of Tarot And Tarot Reading  By : Cucan Pemo
    Whatever your choice of deck, using the Tarot as a divination tool is a personal experience, one that’s origins reach far back in history. Hopefully, knowing the background of this ancient art will enhance your connection to the cards, and to your own readings.
  • What Is Tarot Astrology?  By : Michelle Andersen
    Tarot astrology is the system through which a reading of the cards in a tarot deck help you through troubled times by offering a reflection on your past, present and future.
  • Tarot Deck Of Cards  By : Sally Jordonia
    The tarot deck of cards, usually 78 in number, is divided into two separate categories, the major and the minor arcana (arcana from the Latin meaning of closed or secret).
  • Origins And History Of The Tarot  By : Sally Jordonia
    The origins of the Tarot are surrounded with myth and lore. It is hard to know for sure what the facts are. The Tarot has been thought to come from places like India, Egypt, China and Morocco.

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