Karma and Your Physical Appearance by Gary Zalben

You are what you think
Do you think for one minute that your physical looks and body was designed by God alone? No my friend, you have contributed much work on it. With wrong thoughts and actions you will see faces that reflect much cruelty and bad actions. You see your appearance reflects like a mirror of your past actions. You have judged yourself, not God so you will reap what you have sown now and in the future. Be careful because you are your own judge and you will punish yourself through evil or good actions. To free yourself think before you act.

If a woman is naturally unattractive and is jealous of the beauty of pretty women, she should adopt all the methods of the beauty salons to make herself more attractive. If she has an ugly body she should redecorate herself with a million dollar smile and a charismatic personality with mental and spiritual decorations. She should develop the power of being magnetic. Few have this power of magnetism, but most do have some latent power within themselves. Magnetism is the attracting force that like gravity draws everything unto you. It not only draws the right friends, the right wife, the right husband. But if magnetism is wrong it will draw the wrong relationships and wrong everything else. A powerful mental magnet can attract a human being from a great distance, irregardless of the barriers and boundaries. When one has mental magnetism connected to the heart, borders mean nothing. In order to clothe yourself in garments of magnetism, you must learn to control yourself, have kind words, positive actions and deeds.

There are three main principles to gain magnetism. The first principle is spiritual magnetism. You must eradicate hatred and revenge by being firm and fair; this will make you more magnetic. And above all, to become a super magnet by transforming yourself, you will have to come within range and associate with spiritually magnetic people. If you mix with the wrong people their silent vibrations will affect you in the opposite way. As the monkey loves to imitate, you don’t want to be monkeylike by imitating the qualities and mannerisms of others without being able to be real. The second principle is mental magnetism. The sure way to mental magnetism is never be afraid of anything. Did you know that fear is nervousness itself? Your nerves must be calm because your fear will destroy your initiative and paralyze the desire of producing successful efforts. Fear cripples your will to fight in your conscious mind. No matter what your fear is you are never too weak to face it. God never tests us with more than we can handle.

The third principle is physical magnetism. This will require you to rid your body of toxins which poisons your system by weakening the energy inside you from flawed elimination, poor eating habits and other transgression that weaken your immune system. When your body has been cleaned out or purified then your energy will show itself through your eyes and expressions and your body will exude magnetism. Each time you move your hands or body you are ejecting magnetism.

You must associate yourself with successful people, so you may absorb their magnetism and remember it is not five minutes or your money back. Prolonged periods of time will be required but blind imitation is better than nothing as long as the standard is high. Do not associate yourself with lowlifes because environment is much stronger than will power. The wrong magnetic vibrations of ill people can make you ill-conscious therefore it is advisable to avoid their company or remain stronger than their sickness driven thoughts. Those who fail must not mix with other failures but with successful people. Souls of ignorance that inhabit gorgeous bodies are tombs of flesh that cover up hideous skeletons. To live and be like that is the same as being dead.

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