Law Of Attraction: 7 Ways To Get Unstuck by Lorna Levy

The Law of Attraction
We are always creating our reality by our thoughts. Energy is always flowing where we give our attention. When we feel we are ‘stuck’, we are unconsciously re-creating the same situation for our selves over and over. It is like a car that is stuck in snow – the wheels are moving, the engine is revving, and the car is digging itself in deeper where it is. There is lots of activity going on, just no forward motion.

When we feel ‘stuck’ we are there because we are focused more on the lack of what we want than we are on the having of what we want. We are looking at frustration, and at ‘not yet having’. What we look at is what we get. We are looking at, and fretting about, the situation as it is. That is not where we want to look. We already know we don’t want the situation as it is; we want it to be different. But the only way it can become different is if we ‘live’ in the feeling place of having attained it.

OK, how do we do that? When we look at ‘what is, we are just spinning our wheels and digging ourselves in deeper where we don’t want to be. We have to look at what we want. One: Start by thinking about your goal or desire. Let yourself relax into the feeling of having it or experiencing it. If it is more money, how will you feel as you spend it? If it is a relationship, feel yourself smiling at your partner and laughing at something only the two of you find funny. Is it a new job? Feel your pride as your boss tells you how wonderful you are.

Begin to ask yourself how you will feel when all is the way you want it to be? What will you be doing? Two: Then ask yourself why you want it. What other wonderful things will this lead to? How will your life be better? Spend some time focusing on that. Being in the feeling or with the feeling is the energy that brings it to you. Don’t give any thought to the fact that you don’t have it yet, just think about how it will feel when you do.

Three: Say to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if . . .” and let yourself daydream all kinds of wonderful things for yourself. Say, “Isn’t it wonderful that . . .” and pretend that it has all come to pass exactly the way you want it. This softens the resistance around your desire and lets it begin to enter your world. Don’t worry about the future tense of the words, just concentrate on the feelings you have with these statements. What you are doing here is softening your vibration of ‘not having’. If you find yourself feeling a joyful anticipation, you are doing this right.

Four: Look around you for examples of others who have, or are doing what, you want. If they can do it, so can you. How do you think they are feeling? What are they thinking to have or experience that? See evidence of it happening around you. Notice that the Universe can provide it in many ways to many people. Look for signs of its coming.

Do you look around at others and feel ‘not good enough’? One of the major reasons our manifestations are limited are our feelings of unworthiness. It is our own lack of self love that restricts our joyfull-ness.

Five: Start a BOPPA – a book of positive, personal aspects of yourself. Get a pretty notebook with blank pages. Write down all the wonderful things you can think of about yourself. No matter how small or how insignificant, write them down. Every day, come back to it and add a few more. You can write things like, “I listened to my brother on the phone today while he was complaining,” or “My fingernails are clean and neat.” or “I’m proud of myself for being patient with that sales clerk when I really wanted to bite her head off”. As you read these back to yourself, you will find you liking yourself more. And as you like yourself more, you will find your manifestations come easier. Honest.

Six: Do a focus wheel. Draw a circle in the center of a piece of paper. In the center write the thought you want to feel better about. It can be as simple as “I want to move toward my goal”, or it can be more specific, like, “My leg is healed.” Then, around that circle, like spokes of a wheel, start writing statements supporting your goal or desire. Radiate them out like numbers on a clock. Go around the wheel, writing reasons why you know your goal is coming, or why you want it, or evidence you’ve seen that encourages you. “For over an hour today, my leg felt fine.” “I can stand longer than I used to.” “My body knows just how to heal itself.” “The rest of my body is in perfect health.” “Perfect health can be in my leg, too” When you are finished writing, go around the circle and read what you wrote, allowing yourself to feel the relief of it. By the time you are finished, you will have spent quite a few minutes focused on why the statement in the center is true. You will have substantially lessened your resistance, moving from your ‘stuck’ feeling into expectation.

Seven: Soothe yourself. Talk to yourself as if you are speaking to your inner two year old. Say things like, “Even though I don’t have it yet, I know I’m getting closer,” and “Good things always happen to me,” and “I’m becoming more conscious of the vibration I put out and as I do, I’m creating more of what I want”. Be gentle. Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself that the Universe is always giving, and that good is the natural order of things.

The common thread in all of these exercises is that they focus on the joy of having, doing or being what you want for more than 17 seconds. It takes 17 seconds for an idea to draw a similar idea to it. The longer you can hold your thought on your desires, the faster they will manifest. Focus on the joy. The joy will pull your desires to you.

Copyright 2006 Lorna Levy All rights reserved.

About the Author:
Lorna maintains an international Law of Attraction Coaching practice, teaching the principles of Abraham-Hicks. From time to time she has openings for new clients. If you would like some help in consciously using the law of attraction in your life with ease, contact her through her website:

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