Psychic Ability & Connecting It To You! by Viva Dana

psychic ability
For the past two decades, many aspects of metaphysical data have begun to sit prominently amongst bookshelves across the globe. Prior to this sudden instreaming of meta-info, there simply were no standardized public educative systems available to make the psychic retrieval & exchange process easily or generally understood.

One of the main reasons it is so difficult to understand the complete picture of our intangible Universe is that until just recently, psychic-culled information had not fully emerged enough for researchers to be able to create ‘comprehendible teaching systems’ for the wide dissemination of such information.

In our present day global educative structure, in order for pioneers and researchers to teach the masses new concepts in living, a teaching formula or educative structure must first be created. Educative structures can’t fully manifest within society until they have been somewhat ‘physically tested’ because mass humanity at present, (with exception to faith type believers) perceptually only accepts our living reality via ‘physical proof’ of it.

This presents a problem when dealing with educatively disseminating the esoteric and intangible properties of life. The dualistic nature of human perception automatically and without hesitation, flips intangible research into a general bin called ‘faith studies’. This unconscious and automatic habit of humanity to ignore the profound significance of its meta-physical history restricts further metaphysical research from fully merging into our mass consciousness.

The Metaphysical field of research and the psychic data retrieval process takes time, as well as an enormous degree of meticulous care that must be applied to such research in order to keep it perceptually ‘pure and integral’ in content. Such information must be kept free of duality biased, linear human mind if such structures are to ultimately and effectively hold up as a proposed basis of unified ‘living-reality’ in our society. To apply dualistic perception to the equation of ‘the great mystery’ simply dilutes multi-dimensional information and twists it into limiting concepts that keeps humanity bound to the repetitive dualistic behavior it now practices.

In laymen’s terms, humans practice dualistic behaviors such as love/hate, giving/stealing or pushing/pulling, which are all dualistic perceptions of our reality. We internally believe these concepts are the very basis for creative life and therefore, we continue to manifest from within, such beliefs. These beliefs are then acted out upon one another and hence, we each have a hand in keeping our world bound to a dualistic reality when we are in actuality, unified creatures bound by a unified and energetically cohesive Universe.

In laymen’s terms, each of us functions from this invisible energetic place of being ness first. The energy of the Universe is part of us and is what we are all energetically connected to. Many people call this God. Whatever we choose to call it and however each of us perceives it, it is the origin point of our innate psychic sensing abilities. Our entire physical reality is first formed from this energy place that we are all designed of and connected to. It’s why psychic researchers can now strongly state that each one of us has some level of psychic talent or sensing.

Long term metaphysical research has brought forth a mountainous heap of psychic retrieved information from all over the globe that simply cannot have been orchestrated nor manipulated by any one singular human created entity. No human created company, powerhouse, financial institution or political body has been able to contain the ‘simultaneous process ’of millions of humans who are naturally evolving and opening up to accept and activate their divine psychic heritage. Psychic gifting is merely an innate basket of multi-sensory gifts given to us by our very heritage as universal inhabitants and co-creating souls.

All of us have some psychic ability, whether we actively choose to acknowledge it or not. We can’t as easily see energy as we can emotionally detect it. We can all feel a bad vibe in a room, but can’t always see the vibe visually. But our societally accepted educative structures have omitted lessons on how intuition and psychic sensing through the use of all five of our senses creates a whole picture of our living reality. As long as we close off ‘heart sensing’ for instance, and rely mainly on visual / brain sensing, we will continue to create from a place of only one of five main sensory tools we possess.

How does ignoring the other four main senses help to keep our physical reality in a state of ecological, spiritual and emotional ‘imbalance’? These senses are the only five we recognize and acknowledge. What about all of the other sensing tools we possess that lay dormant? How do we properly integrate senses; such as having premonitions, déjà vu, and simultaneous thought with our friends and family members, into societally accepted activity?

In days of past, psychic intuits and researchers spent most their time simply culling, collecting and translating the data they received. This process was secretive by nature because it was not a publicly acceptable activity of the times. It was painstakingly culled by individuals who followed soul impulse to seek more than what they’d been initially taught about life. Without human and animal pioneers, the world does not evolve. In days of past, there were no grand rewards appointed to one for doing this work. We don’t see too many authentic psychic researchers gifted with huge monetary rewards throughout our history, in comparison to the ‘celebrity reality’ where most humans who have done nothing significant for humanity, have been granted more than ample monies or instant recognition via a reality TV show of late.

Since it takes years for our general world scientists and pharmacologists in their corporate labs to find microscopic cures for our diseases, why do we not allow the ‘same space and time’ for a similar scientific process to be applied to the field of metaphysics and psychic research? The answer is very simple.

Human consciousness of the masses is not yet ready to fully accept the responsibility of being co-creative life stewards for the planet or its creatures. Humanity for the most part, still revels in its babyhood. It wants what it wants when it wants it and this needy behavior reflected by billions of individuated human ‘beings’ has nothing to do with unified consciousness or evolved spiritual behavior. Those billions of beings, acting cohesively in dualistic and linear minded ways, keep the world at stasis and at a plateau of non-development. Growth and evolvement are then left to the consciousness of the planet and its animal species, along with a few million pioneering human souls who remain consistently ‘aware’ of their connectedness to all that exists. In the meantime, billions of human babies play ignorantly in a perceptual sandbox with high walls that prevent most of them from seeing and perceiving beyond what lies immediately in front of them.

Where does each of you register in the sea of human consciousness? Do you upon waking, think immediately of societal issues, humanitarian projects or assisting the plant and animal kingdoms or do you immediately focus on the bills, getting the kids off to school and getting through ‘the job’ for the week so you can spend your money on the weekend? What have each of you focused your internal thoughts upon? How do your internal thoughts keep you bound to limited human sandbox reality and away from true, full life co-creatorship with the planet & its many consciously aware creatures?

Chances are strong that if you made it through this article, you are of pioneer nature or are at least seeking a grander life experience and are not satisfied with all you have been taught by other humans. Chances are, you are a mission soul who has purposefully chosen to assist humanity in its growth in consciousness.

At this time in human history, there are millions of awakening souls presently and internally working to ‘activate’ this psychic intuitive knowledge within. The mass flocking to yoga and meditative retreats is part of an aspect of mass human consciousness that desires to grow and accept new responsibilities. Concepts of co-creatorship are beginning to take hold in the minds of many of these souls. These souls in turn, are beginning to act behaviorally, in more unified ways. They are setting the new educative course for the masses to one day follow.

It is up to each individual to go within, retrieve the special knowledge it retains and bring it forth into the world to share with others. Pioneering amongst a mass mind that fancies instant celebrity minus demonstration of humanitarian leadership or educative value, and favors financial gain over integral service to others is a difficult task at present. But in time, pioneers will begin to see a shift occur and ultimately mass receptivity to psychic reality and co-creator responsibility will become the norm. Until then, pioneers are required to toe the mark without much accolade and applause. But then, that’s what they initially intuited they’d be required to do!

Each of us makes a choice in this world to either consciously behave in unified ways, or unconsciously act out old dualistic minded training that reflects aspects not only the light of life, but also activates aspects of our darker sides. Each of us is being required to go within and reflect on all of our actions toward others we’ve met and interacted with in our lives. Many are beginning to examine habitual patterning and energetic or emotional urges that seem impossible to ‘self’ control. Where are these seemingly destructive behaviors coming from? How do we as stewards of energy of the Universe balance destructive energies with the light so that our daily living experience reflects a balanced walk in-between the two? This is the true leadership challenge of the psychics, the pioneers and the newly awakening. Where does your soul fit into the mix?

Mass human consciousness has many vibrational layers of ‘awareness’ and ‘non-awareness’ functioning within it. The many interacting layers of the dualistic & energetic holding patterns that are deeply exercised at this time are what keep our physical reality bound to a non-harmonious experience. Human evolvement is an extremely slow process. Each soul is responsible for thought, word and deed and each thought word and deed a soul emits has direct energetic co-creative impact on the physical manifestation of our ‘living reality’. Psychic ability belongs to each human being existent on planet Earth at this time. It is an inherent aspect of our energetic connectedness and being hood. It belongs to and is part of all of us.

About the Author:
Viva has endeavored for over two decades in global psychic data retrieval research & interspecies communication for the purpose of bringing forth advanced concepts regarding human evolution to the general public. Her work can be now found at & &

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