Using Flower Essences to Become a Happier, Healthier Woman by Misty Rae Cech

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Flower essence therapy may be new to many people, though their use has flourished with the popularity of Rescue Remedy, an essence combination for relief of tension under stressful situations. Beyond this formula, there are a great many flower essences available to address a variety of emotional and psychological states. Here we’ll have a look at flower essences particularly supportive of common ‘women’s issues’ which may help you in your efforts to become a healthier, more vibrant female!

What are flower essences? Think of the beauty and delicacy of a flower, the purity and radiance of a single violet in springtime. Imagine if we could capture the essence, the pure vibrational quality of that flower, and take that exquisite frequency within our being to heal the weariness in our soul or the sorrow in our heart. This is the art and science of creating flower essences. As with homeopathic remedies, flower essences work by their unique vibrational signatures, not by the actual substance that is ingested. Homeopathic remedies tend to work closer to the physical body, whereas flower essences have their greatest effect on the mind, emotions, and spirit. They act at a subtle level to restore harmony and infuse positive energy into the subtle energy matrix which forms the foundation of our physical life.

Essences are traditionally made by placing flowers in a bowl of water in the sunlight for 4 to 5 hours. The effect of the sunlight is to transfer the energetic imprint, or vibrational frequency, of the flowers into the water. Each flower has its own very specific frequency, and water is a medium which can hold that kind of energetic imprint. Once the water has been fully imprinted, it is then decanted into bottles and preserved, usually with brandy. Here are a few essences which may help the divine feminine in reaching it’s potential within you…

– Alpine Lily can support the acceptance of one’s femininity grounded in a deepened experience of the female body, helping overcome an overly abstract sense of femininity where one feels disembodied, with alienation from or rejection of female organs as “lower”.

Alpine Lily flower essence helps the feminine soul experience a more vibrant relationship to the female body. While this remedy can sometimes be indicated for men who are addressing inner feminine aspects of themselves, it is primarily beneficial for women who harbor a psychological split in their relationship to the feminine principle.

These women tend to favor that which is more cosmic and virginal, and find it difficult to identify with the earthly aspect of the feminine. They have many spiritual attributes and actively use higher feminine forces, but do not integrate this consciousness with the physical body. Negative impressions of the female body are often unconsciously absorbed from the mother or from the larger culture. Because the soul does not fully identify with or inhabit the female body, physical stress and disharmony can result in the reproductive organs, in the sexual function, or in the biological experience of pregnancy and nursing.

Alpine Lily flower essence stimulates the integration of the feminine and female selves, promoting circulation between the higher and lower energy centers. The soul learns that its full energy and potential depends of the utilization of the bodily female as well as the spiritual feminine from this flower essence.

– Pomegranate Flower Essence: This fruit tree is native to Western Asia. The flowers are red, leathery and bisexual. Parts of the plant have been used to treat fevers, lymph challenges, leucorrhea, and throat problems. As a flower essence, it promotes warm-hearted feminine creativity, actively productive and nurturing at home or in the world. It can be used universally applied for nearly all emotional problems. Pomegranate is considered a ‘love potion’ for women, and if they are having challenges in accepting their femininity, Pomegranate helps them to overcome such insecurities. This essence creates a sense of nurturing or at the very least a recognition of a need for nurturing within the individuals. Further, It can open and stimulates the sexual chakra, with the nadis of this chakra being invigorated. This flower essence naturally accentuates all aspects of a woman’s femininity. Meditation and creative visualization can (and should) be readily be used with this essence.

– Hibiscus Flower Essence: This essence promotes warmth and responsiveness in female sexuality; integration of soul warmth and bodily passion. It may help one overcome an inability to connect with one’s female sexuality; lack of warmth and vitality, often due to prior exploitation or abuse.

One of the most tragic assaults to the soul dignity of women is the exploitation and commercialization of female sexuality. This deeply wounds the souls of many women so that they no longer feel a warm connection to their sexuality. Often the sexuality is divorced from deeper feelings of love and warmth which come from the heart. In many cases sexual expression becomes cold and unresponsive, because the Soul can no longer contact this part of the Self and infuse it with love and caring. Hibiscus flower essence helps women to reclaim their sexuality, and to restore these soul forces with vitality and authenticity.

The Hibiscus essence may aid many women who have been sexually traumatized, and it is also generally beneficial for all modern women who have unconsciously absorbed media images and other stereotypes of dehumanized sexuality. This remedy is sometimes also indicated for men who need to develop a stronger relationship to feminine warmth and positive sexuality. Hibiscus creates flowing warmth throughout the body and soul, especially healing the sexuality.

– Beech Flower Essence: Beech can support tolerance, acceptance of others’ differences and imperfections, seeing the good within each person and situation. It may allow release of criticalness, judgmental attitudes, intolerance, perfectionist expectations of others, and oversensitivity to one’s social and physical environment.

The Beech flower essence helps transform the tendency to be critical due to an inner sense of inferiority and hypersensitivity which is projected onto others. Very often such persons grew up in an environment of criticism and harsh expectation, and so they inwardly feel very vulnerable and insecure. However, they learn to cope by condemning others instead of healing themselves.

Another characteristic of the Beech flower essence type is hypersensitivity to personal environments, both physical and social. Their permeability to the influences around them leads to intolerance of imperfection in others. Beech softens the soul pain such persons feel; as they re-establish connection with their Higher Self, they sense the love an unconditional acceptance that radiates from the spiritual world. Through this warmth of soul, they are able to let go of their harsh and blaming ways, to accept others in the same way that they are accepted by the spiritual world.

– Sunflower Flower Essence: This essence can bring a balanced sense of individuality and a sun-radiant personality. Sunflower balances the Yin and Yang energies and attunes people to higher wisdom. Those who demonstrate anger or ‘hostility’ towards their father or other males in their life will benefit from Sunflower. It can support growth away from low self-esteem or arrogance, particularly related to a poor relation to one’s father or distorted masculine aspect of the self.

The signature of the Sunflower is mostly astrological since the Sunflower looks like the sun and astrologically the sun is associated with the father, the male ego, and spiritual knowledge. Sunflower essence allows the healthy self shines forth from the soul, not unlike the sun which radiates in the sky. This benign and wondrous soul quality of radiance at once inspires with its light, and heals with its warmth. All human souls have within them this capacity to shine like the sun, but many are afflicted in their ability to emanate this solar power in a balanced way.

Some people mask their true sun-nature with feelings of self-effacement and low self-esteem. This condition darkens the true luster of the Higher Self; in these instances the Sunflower flower essence brings to the soul the quality of light. Others want their brilliance to shine too strongly, glaring others with pompous self-glory and ego-aggrandizement. For these people, Sunflower flower essence brings out the quality of warmth, or loving compassion. Sunflower flower essence also heals disturbances or distortions in the soul’s relationship to the masculine, often associated with a conflicted or deficient relationship with the father in childhood.

These are just a few of the many wonderful flower essences available today, though they may be among the most healing for many women. If one or more seems suitable, try working with them for the period of one month (a lunar cycle). This seems to be an appropriate time to bring about change through essence usage for many needs. It is best to take a few drops of each essence several times a day, or add a dropperful to a bottle of water in the morning and sipping throughout the day – essences are better used in frequent, small doses. Hopefully these, or other flower essences can support you in your quest to become a more vibrant, strong and healthy woman!

About the Author:
Misty Rae Cech, ND is a degreed naturopath with a professional practice in Boulder, Colorado. She regularly employs flower essences with her clients to support their overall healing process. More information is available at

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