Why Humans Can’t Hear Animals by Viva Dana

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All over the globe and most noticeably within the recent decade, a slow and steady mass human awakening regarding the value of the ‘consciousness’ of the plant and animal kingdoms has been unfolding. This awakening is a perceptual shift that has occurred in the minds of so many, that now a public meta-educative movement has begun to take hold in our societies.

Whether we witness celebrities jumping onboard to support pioneer Koko the gorilla’s new Maui preserve or just want to see what latest bling a certain hotel heiress dons her dog in; a very deep shift between humans and animals is taking place. This deeper desire to understand ‘animal consciousness’ is not just occurring in isolated instances. It is happening in back yards across the globe. Pet stores now house doggie wardrobes, TV pet psychics have graced the airwaves and household pet websites abound. Humans are beginning to slowly pay attention to what their pets desire, think and feel.

On a quieter, more serious note and for several decades now, psychic animal communicators and researchers have always innately understood that humanity’s inability to audibly hear the voices and thoughts of their animal companions has greatly affected our behaviors toward animals in general. Were we to realize that each species carries significant energetic essence that specifically holds the physical balance of our world stable and intact, we would not be so quick to ruin the natural habitats that surround us.

There are very specific evolutional reasons humans cannot hear animals at this time and yet in recent years, scientists, psychic researchers and animal communicators all over the globe have begun to collate fascinating information that forces us to re-examine our very dominant yet ‘close minded’ view of our world. Earth is a very unique planet that now commands our collective attention and respect, for she mirrors back to us, our own state of consciousness. As psychic-retrieved data from the animals is culled, studied and combined, researchers and scientists all over the world are beginning to more clearly see how human thought and behavior directly affects the environmental conditions of our world.

Examining the Planet-Animal-Human Meta-Physical Connection

For each planet in every galaxy there are cosmic designs that enable the many inhabiting species to share knowledge of their beingness with one another. Planet Earth resides in a cosmic location that enables it to be a gateway to several other solar systems. That’s why there is such interest for human souls and certain animal species to take physical form here. There is much information exchanging by many species occurring on planet Earth.

The human confusion regarding this greater galactic reality occurs because humans have not the ability to audibly hear the frequency levels in which most of this multi-species communication is exchanged. Many of the planet’s animals have the ability to share thoughts with one another. Humans in fact, are the only species that cannot readily tap into these frequency levels. Much in the way that many of us do not understand how our cell phones actually enable us to talk to another person a few states away, most people don’t realize that millions of different animals are constantly conversing on simply a different frequency than we can hear. The world, on a different vibration range, is quite noisy with animal chatter.

Humans believe that they are the most evolved species on the planet. From a metaphysical perspective however, humans are the most limited species on the planet. Humans do not understand their vibrational or energetic heritage. They cannot relate to the value of a cricket’s vibrational contribution to Earth. They do not understand it. This non-understanding keeps humanity from truly understanding it’s co-creative role on the planet.

Without the ability to hear the voices of many other species, humans are forced to function at a rather elementary level of consciousness. Simply imagine for a moment, a blind, deaf and lone child who plays every day in a sandbox, while at that same time many other children play and interact with one another on the playground beside him. As the children interact, they expand themselves via a unique unseen energetic sharing process.

As time goes by, the children grow and mentally, emotionally and spiritually evolve. They learn many social and relationally interactive skills. They learn how to cohabit together so that everyone ‘feels’ important and significant within a group. The lone child continues to play in his sandbox, oblivious that he is alone. His preoccupation with the sand prevents him from exploring outside of his box. Though he builds sand castles, paves roads and continually recreates new sand designs, he does not learn how to ‘consciously’ evolve via direct relational co-habitative interaction with other forms of intelligence. What evolves around him energetically is what causes him to ultimately evolve as well.

This natural evolutionary process of all things occurs because energetically, human beings are connected to everything that exists and to everything that surrounds them. What causes a void of growth in this natural process is that much of humanity functions like a child in the sand box.

Most people cannot interpret the messages of animal voices, therefore, most ‘believe’ animals cannot really think, feel, speak or have much planetary value. Because perceptual human consciousness has been stunted through lack of galactic education for so many generations, they know not what truly surrounds them, nor what they miss. They continue to create with only themselves in mind when the very planet they exist on is by design, intended as a living library, where all species can share and grow.

Because human beings are endowed with unusual physical dexterities and can create complex and unusually detailed physical things; combined with the lack of ability to ‘hear’ the co-existing species that surround them, they have dismissed the ‘living values’ of the other species and have forgotten the significant roles these other species hold in terms of keeping our world in physical balance.

Consequently we as a collective species, have created societies that serve strictly humans and have endeavored for many civilizations in such a manner that now the entire planetary’s eco system exists in a state of imbalance. Yet ironically, we remain perplexed as to how this has actually happened. As long as humans on a mass level remain in a limited perceptual slumber, a perceptual wall shall remain erect between humans and all other species. A void on non-understanding shall continue to perpetuate ignorant human behavior.

Each species in fact, has a ‘living reality’ just as each human being experiences a day to day experience. Each species carries an energetic value or frequency that adds to the whole. The human five sense system is rather limited in comparison to the abilities of all of the other species. Many of the psychic senses that humans are actually capable of utilizing lie presently dormant within the body. This blocking off of the natural and innate psychic receptors disable most human beings from receiving greater understanding of their Universe.

The pioneering steps of bridging this communicational gap between species lies at present in the hands of the very few who will choose to follow their soul promptings to step out of the human box that most live within. This work is not intended to emerge on a widespread level for many more decades. Those who will find themselves intrigued by animal communication and similar psychic venues are those who’s soul impulses are triggering rather early in the overall mass human evolvement process.

Since the growth of each species is an extremely slow process, the animals estimate that it will be approximately another 100 years before humanity on a mass level will be able accept, understand and implement into their every day living reality, the dreams, values and voices of all other species inhabitant on planet Earth. Until then, the awakening process will seem slow to those who are already awakened. Thus is the nature of the evolution of humanity.

Metaphysical researchers and psychics, along with several millions of other awakening humans, are endeavoring globally to create the foundational road to greater understanding. It is intended to be a slow unfoldment as each human being will awaken in his or her own time. This is the only manner in which a stable evolutionary process works. All animals understand this. All animals who work with humans at this time have made agreements to work silently beside us until we can consciously accept the idea of true co-creatorship and merge it into our general social behavior.

About the Author:
Viva Dana is the founder of The Starkitty Global Interspecies Communication Project. For those who desire to begin working with your pets in advanced ‘co-creator / animal communicative’ ways, we encourage you to check out the several psychic resources at starkittys.com or bluechakra.blogspot.com

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